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Red Bluff Distracted Driving Dangers

Red Bluff Distracted Driving Dangers

Red Bluff Distracted Driving Dangers – Driving can seem like an easy and even automatic task, especially when you are going down a long, bright, and empty roadway. However, even in these relatively safe scenarios, taking your focus off of the road can still easily cause an accident that leaves you or your loved ones with serious or even fatal injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3,000 people die and almost half a million are injured in U.S. auto accidents caused by distracted driving every year. Because distraction is such a serious roadway hazard, drivers should know what exactly counts as driving distracted and why it can be so dangerous.

Teen Driver Wants Range Rover

I’m Ed Smith, a Red Bluff auto accident attorney. Being the parent of a child who is about to start driving can be scary and funny at the same time. The funny part is how kids start picking out the car they intend on owning somewhere around age 14 or 15. Before they even have a work permit or money of their own they are eye-balling cars that they want as their very first car. My teen informed me recently that her first car was going to be a Range Rover. She even has a picture of the one she wants on her iPhone.  Meanwhile, I am old enough to work and I do have a job and I’m driving a Toyota Camry.

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