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Dixon Double Fatality Rollover Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Dixon personal injury attorney. While it’s easy to assume that the most catastrophic of automobile accidents typically involve multiple vehicles or collisions with obstructions in the road, highway barriers, or other stationary objects, very serious wrecks can and do occur in situations in which a vehicle operates in isolation. Inclement, safety-threatening weather may make for a slippery or uneven driving surface or for low and obstructed visibility, while distracted driving due to focus on some other activity in the vehicle, technical malfunction, and of course the presence of alcohol or other drugs, can all lay the conditions for a serious single vehicle incident. Although there is typically more ample opportunity for the driver to self-correct and spare himself and his passengers serious harm in situations where no obstacles, moving or otherwise, are directly present in the vicinity of the vehicle, there are plenty of cases in which the loss of control is great enough that little such possibility presents itself.

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