Suspected DUI Crash Outside of Oroville Causes Fatal Trauma

Suspected DUI Crash Outside of Oroville Results in Fatal Trauma

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, one person suffered fatal injuries during a car crash outside of Oroville. California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the incident occurred at night to the south of Oroville and involved three separate passenger vehicles. Butte County Sheriff’s Department authorities are currently withholding the name and information of the decedent until their family is notified. CHP has reported that an involved driver has been placed under arrest in relation to the crash.

Collision Details

The collision happened at around 11:24 on Highway 70, just north of Middle Honcut Road. Ben Draper of the Oroville area CHP stated that a 35-year-old Chico woman was driving a 2018 Volvo Sports Utility Vehicle northbound on the highway when it approached an Acura from behind. The Volvo reportedly attempted to overtake the other vehicle. While attempting to pass, the right-front end of the Volvo crashed into the rear end of the Acura.

The crash caused the Acura driver to lose control, and the vehicle spun out in a counterclockwise direction. Eventually, the Acura came to a stop on the southbound side of the highway. At this time, a southbound Ford Focus crashed into the rear end of the stopped Acura, causing extreme damage.


Police were alerted to the crash via phone call and arrived shortly after. When they arrived, response personnel discovered that the Acura driver was seriously hurt and, tragically, the individual passed away on-scene. The driver of the Ford reportedly suffered minor trauma.

Police reportedly placed the Volvo driver under arrest of charges of driving under the influence and manslaughter. The individual was subsequently booked into the Butte County jail, and the accident remains under investigation at this time.

Wrongful Death Damages

Losing a person in your family can be devastating. Families facing such a sudden, traumatic loss often experience intense grief and may feel unable to keep up with their normal lives. While coping with grief may feel impossible, many people are able to find comfort through relying on support from their loved ones.

However, a death in the family can also cause serious financial issues. In many cases, the decedent was a main income earner in their household or provided their family with important services that are very expensive to replace, like childcare or home maintenance. Furthermore, many are shocked when they find out the high price of burial and funeral services.

Getting Help

Because the financial consequences of fatal accidents are severe, it’s very important to contact an Oroville wrongful death lawyer as soon as you are able. Often, families of decedents are able to recover full payment for the economic and personal damages that they’ve suffered as a result of their loss. This compensation can help you and your family to have financial security while you recover emotionally from what happened.

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