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Suspected Drunk Driving Leads to Antelope Accident

Teen Arrested in Scotland Drive Accident in Antelope

A suspected drunk driving accident in Antelope on June 18 ended up with the arrest of the driver after the vehicle hit a tree. The accident happened on Scotland Drive at Kirsch Drive at about 1:30 in the morning, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The CHP and responders with Sac Metro Fire arrived to discover one female and three males in the car at the time.

Driver Suspected of Drunk Driving

One individual was reportedly taking things out of the car and trying to hide them. After locating the driver, he was subjected to a field sobriety test and arrested for suspected DUI. The CHP reported that he was 18 years old, which is below the legal age, and would be booked for felony DUI. One of the males involved in the accident was injured and treated at the scene by first responders. He chose to walk home afterward and was not transported to a hospital. The other two were also permitted to leave.

The Dangers of Driving Drunk

Drunk driving is one of the major reasons for all types of accidents. More than 10,000 fatalities, as well as hundreds of thousands of injuries, occur because of intoxicated motorists. When a driver is arrested, the officer in charge confiscates the motorist’s driver’s license and informs the California Department of Motor Vehicles that it has been suspended or revoked. When the driver is convicted in court, they face license suspension or revocation, fines and jail time, more if it involves a repeat offender. This conviction provides strong support for a client’s case for compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

How Alcohol Consumption Affects Driving

Alcohol consumption affects the human body, and the larger the amount, the more dangerous a driver becomes behind the wheel of a car. Some ways the brain is affected include:

  • Vision: Alcohol affects eye movement, can cause blurriness, and affect the ability to see color.
  • Concentration: The ability to concentrate is lessened.
  • Reaction time: Reflexes are slowed, making it more difficult to react quickly.
  • Coordination: Coordination between the eyes, hands, and feet are reduced.
  • Comprehension: Alcohol reduces the individual’s ability to make good decisions.

Protecting Your Rights

My office has a high record of winning fair compensation for our clients and can do the same for you. We investigate the drunk driving accident and collect all the evidence in the case to support the injured person’s claim. In this way, our client can collect damages that will cover all of their medical costs associated with the accident. In addition, they can recover their lost wages and be paid for their pain and suffering. If the injury is expected to continue into the future and they can no longer work or have to take a lesser job, that is covered too.

Investigation of the Case

Our investigators begin by investigating at the accident scene to collect evidence, speak to the witnesses, and review the police report for errors. They look for video footage from surveillance cameras, perform accident reconstruction and take photos and measurements. Then our lawyers use this information to begin settlement talks with the insurance company. If the amount offered isn’t acceptable, we can take the case to court to fight for your rights. 

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