Surviving Pedestrian Accidents

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Surviving Pedestrian Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. When vehicle drivers ignore obvious traffic signals, speed or run red lights, pedestrians are often the ones who pay the highest price. Without any steel or other metal to protect their bodies, people walking down the street frequently wind up going to emergency rooms with severe or life-threatening injuries.

Nearly every year, about 4,700 or more United States residents die due to pedestrian injuries and another 71,000 must be rushed to hospitals due to accidents involving vehicles. Back in 2012, pedestrian deaths climbed to 14% of all traffic fatalities. Nearly three-fourths of these pedestrian fatalities occur in crowded urban areas as compared to more rural ones.

Oddly enough, most of these accidents do not occur in and around intersections – and most take place on clear weather days. However, as might be guessed, many of these incidents occur when it’s dark outside.

Driver Behaviors Most Often Associated with Pedestrians Accidents/Fatalities

  • Distracted driving. Chances are, if you constantly try to text others or talk on your phone while driving, an innocent pedestrian may wind up paying for your negligence;
  • Failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian – or observe other clearly obvious traffic signs or signals;
  • Forgetting to switch on a turn signal when you need to let others know what you’re planning to do;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs;
  • Failing to drive more slowly when passing through school zones;
  • As noted briefly above, failing to observe all traffic laws and signs.

Ways That Pedestrians Can Better Protect Themselves from Being Hit by Cars

  • Always wear bright or reflective clothing (especially at night) so drivers can more easily see you;
  • Never wear headphones or music earplugs/earbuds since these can easily block out the important sounds that might alert you to an oncoming vehicle;
  • Never jaywalk. Whenever possible, only use crosswalks or cross streets at marked intersections;
  • Avoid walking on the side of freeways and highways;
  • Choose well-lit paths to your destinations. Keep in mind that if people cannot see you very easily, your chances of being hit and seriously injured are much higher;
  • Yield to all vehicles whenever possible. You are always much more physically vulnerable than they are;
  • Stick to sidewalks or clear beaten paths so people can easily see you;
  • Don’t ever dart out into the street between parked vehicles. Also, obey the timing indicators for pedestrian signals;
  • Avoid lively conversations with friends while walking down streets since these can distract you almost as much as loud music.

What Are the Most Common Types of Injuries Sustained by Pedestrians (When Hit by Vehicles)

Who Is Most Likely to Be Injured/Killed in a Pedestrian-Vehicle Accident?

  • About 20% of all pedestrian injury accidents resulting in death involve older victims (those age 65 and above). However, those who are older only account for about 9% of those simply injured while walking when hit by a vehicle;
  • During recent years, pedestrians killed or seriously injured in traffic accidents were often in their thirties or forties.

Everyone must take these figures seriously since the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has indicated in DOT HS 811 888 that one pedestrian is killed every two hours (or injured every seven minutes) due to an accident with a vehicle.

In fact, recent California news stories indicate that pedestrian safety is becoming a much more serious problem – despite targeted campaigns designed to lower all types of traffic-related fatalities.

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