Study Looking Into Dangerous Roadways in Sacramento 

Study Looking Into Dangerous Roadways in Sacramento 

The problem of dangerous roadways in Sacramento is being studied by the city to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicycle riders. It is no surprise to people who live and work here that Sacramento is at the top of the list by the California Office of Traffic Safety. The study will focus on the number of fatal or severe injury accidents that involve hit-and-runs, speeding, drunk driving and after dark incidents. The city is also ranked highest in the number of fatalities of children under the age of 15 while either bicycling or walking. Hopefully, implementing changes in the dangerous corridors and other roadways where accidents commonly occur will go a long way in reducing the number of injuries and fatalities.

Establishing New Guidelines

The studies being conducted are focusing on lack of safety, which is a factor that leads to the high number of accidents. Last week, the City Council adopted a new resolution that will seek out money from the state to establish new guidelines that lead to safer street designs. It is hoped that improvements to the most dangerous roadways can be implemented sometime in the future.

Most Dangerous Areas in Sacramento for Accidents

Five areas were identified in 2017 by the city as those that involve the most dangers to motorists, bicycle riders, and pedestrians with regard to serious accidents and the number of fatalities. These dangerous roadways include:

  • Marysville Boulevard corridor from North Avenue up to Arcade Boulevard
  • Broadway and Stockton Boulevard area from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard up to 13th Avenue
  • Florin Road corridor from 24th Street up to Munson Way
  • El Camino Avenue area from Del Paso Boulevard as far as Steelhead Creek
  • South Stockton Boulevard corridor from 24th Street up to Munson Way

In addition, five additional roadways are included in the study, which are of concern due to their high number of accidents. These include:

  • Areas along Northgate Boulevard from Wilson Avenue to San Juan Road
  • Stretch along Howe Avenue from Swarthmore Drive to Folsom Boulevard
  • Along Arden Way from Ethan Way to Harvard Street
  • Valley Hi and Mack Road from Stockton Boulevard to Center Parkway
  • 12th Street from L Street to N Street

Government Responsibility

When a bad road design or lack of maintenance contributes to an accident, the injured person can place a claim for compensation. However, the timeline for filing against a government entity is much shorter and handled differently than other personal injuries. A lawyer who is experienced in handling these types of claims and breaking through government immunity is vital to obtain deserved compensation in these cases.

How a Lawyer Helps After a Traffic Accident

Motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists alike can suffer serious injuries in a traffic accident. However, following a crash, evidence can quickly disappear or be covered up, and it can affect your ability to get fair compensation. At my law firm, we send out our investigators immediately to the crash site to recover that evidence. Once it is gathered together, it is handed over to our lawyers to build a strong case for you and against the offending party.

What Our Investigators Do

After checking for errors in the police report and talking to witnesses, our investigators conduct their own search for evidence. This includes looking for nearby cameras that might have captured the accident to checking for roadway damage and performing accident reconstruction. Once all the evidence is together, they hand it over to our lawyers, who can construct a case to negotiate with the insurance company or to present in civil court.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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