Stomach Perforation in Auto Accidents

Stomach Perforation in Auto Accidents

Stomach Perforation in Auto Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer. The abdomen is a large target and could be injured in many different ways. The abdomen is also home to many different organs, such as the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, and spleen. All of these organs play important roles in bodily function and, therefore, could lead to significant consequences if they are injured. There are several mechanisms of traumatic injury that people should keep in mind. They include:

Sports: Sports are a common mechanism of blunt abdominal trauma, particularly if they involve contact sports. For example, people who play football are routinely struck in the abdomen while making a tackle. This is why proper protection is recommended whenever people play contact sports. Furthermore, this is why avoidance of contact sports is recommended when people have mononucleosis. The risk of splenic rupture is high.

Physical Assault: Unfortunately, crime is still a reality and people could be struck or stabbed in the abdomen due to physical assault. Individuals should keep this in mind and exercise proper safety precautions when out on the street alone at night.

Auto Accidents: Auto accidents are some of the most common mechanisms by which someone can sustain abdominal trauma. Depending on the severity of the crash, people imaginably wind up with particularly severe injuries that could place them in a hospital or in a life-threatening situation. It is essential to understand some of the consequences of abdominal trauma so that people can take the proper precautions to protect themselves in this situation.

Stomach Perforation: A Devastating Injury

While individuals can conceivably sustain injuries to more than one organ, such as the liver and spleen, one of the most devastating injuries that are seen in a car crash is a stomach perforation. When someone is involved in a car crash, it is possible that a piece of glass or metal can impale the individual in the abdomen. Given the size of the stomach, it is possible for this organ to be injured as a result. There are several common symptoms of a ruptured stomach that people should remember. First, there will be intense pain and bruise that forms over the abdomen. This happens because when the stomach ruptures, the stomach acid will start to leak out. Along with blood, this liquid contributes to the incredible pain that people feel and also provides to the discoloration that can be seen on the abdomen. They may even notice that the pain gets worse when they move. This is because when they move, more of this acid leaks out and is distributed across the abdomen. This leads to worsening pain across the entire abdomen. Finally, people may start to feel light-headed and sweaty. This is a result of shock from the pain that people often feel. As people continue to lose bodily fluids, such as blood, they may find that this light-headedness will get worse.

Treatment is Emergent Surgery

When someone is showing the signs and symptoms of a ruptured stomach, they should be evaluated by emergency personnel at the scene of an accident. The symptoms above constitute a medical emergency, and the individual should be transported to a hospital immediately. There, they will receive a host of emergency imaging and be provided with fluid, possibly blood, to help treat their symptoms. If the imagery confirms a ruptured stomach, the treatment is surgery. They will be taken to an operating room where a trained surgeon will repair their ruptured stomach. Like any other bodily wound, it will take some time for this repair to fully heal. During this time, individuals may be limited in their diet. They may not be able to take anything by mouth for several days or more. If the stomach stretches too far too soon, it could rupture again without any traumatic accident or event. This would lead to a repeat trip to an operating room and have to restart the healing process.

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