Stockton Tractor Accidents

Stockton Tractor Accidents

Stockton Tractor Accidents

Stockton Tractor Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton Farm Accident Attorney.  One of the biggest causes of farming accidents both in the central valley and throughout the state of California involve the common tractor.  Although modern tractors are slow and seem to have numerous safety features, do not let their seemingly innocuous nature fool you.  In a split second, a tractor can cause serious injury even death.  On average, estimates show that there are at least 500 persons killed each year in tractor accidents throughout the United States and roughly 20,000 injured.

Tractor Rollover Tragedies

One of the most common causes of injuries or death occur when a tractor rolls over.  In many instances, victims have included children who are leisurely riding on them.  Again, another indication of how an innocuous looking machine can suddenly be the cause of a great tragedy.

Protective Compartments and Roll Bars to Protect Operator

Many modern tractors now have protective compartments and roll bars to protect the operator, but they are far from foolproof.  In conjunction with a seat belt, a roll cage can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury.  However, keep in mind that a climate controlled compartment probably does not protect to operator from inhalation of harmful dust or pesticides commonly used in farming.

When Worker’s Clothes Become Entangled

Another source of tractor related injuries is when its operator or other farm workers’ clothing becomes entangled in its multiple moving parts.

 Some of those more obvious parts are the wheels, but also keep in mind that a tractor’s main drive shaft is even more dangerous in that it can pull an entangled farm worker under the tractor.  All tractor tires and moving parts such as drive shafts should have protective coverings.  These inexpensive protective measures can prevent serious injury.

Preventive Maintenance to Help Reduce Stockton Tractor Accidents

Making sure your employer keeps the tractor well maintained and in proper working order will also greatly reduce the risk of serious injury.  Making sure that a proper service record is kept regarding a tractor or any of its related farming equipment is integral in preventing injury.

Things to be aware of each time you are operating a tractor are:

  • Tire condition and inflation level
  • Fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid levels
  • Condition of fuel and hydraulic lines–no leaks
  • Protective covers in place
  • Platform and steps clean, free of debris, chains, and tools
  • Clear windows are clean and don’t hinder operator’s vision
  • Brakes are in good working order.
  • Steering operating correctly
  • All lights working
  • Neutral-start safety switches operating correctly
  • Be mindful of your clothing, making sure that no bulky or loose clothing can be caught on any part of the tractor.
  • SMV emblem in place and clean

Stockton Tractor Accidents and Farming Injury Attorney

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