Stockton Man Killed in Single-Vehicle Accident

stockton man killed

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton wrongful death attorney. A man was left with fatal injuries after a single vehicle accident just south of the Calaveras River in central Stockton on July 8, 2018. At approximately 2:45 in the morning, a man was driving his 2005 Ford sedan along North Pershing Avenue in the vicinity of Telegraph Avenue when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree. Medical personnel came out to the accident scene and transported both the driver and passenger, identified by family members as the 14-month-old son of the motorist, to an area hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. Sadly, the driver passed away during hospitalization due to the severity of his sustained injuries. Officials have identified the victim as 26-year-old Julian Marcelo Gomez of Stockton.

During this difficult time, I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of Mr. Gomez.

Loved One Forever Remembered in Stockton Accident

Julian Gomez was a beloved member of his family. Those who surrounded Mr. Gomez are shocked and saddened by his devastating and untimely passing as he touched the hearts of many with his kind and loving soul. A GoFundMe account has been created to help the family of Mr. Gomez with his funeral expenses and cover his son’s medical expenses incurred in the tragic accident.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

Single vehicle accidents can occur for a wide array of reasons and can result in serious injury or even death to those involved. While these accidents are often assumed to be caused by driver error, that is not always the case. These accidents may be caused by factors outside of a driver’s control such as defective vehicle equipment, phantom vehicle accidents, and roadway defects.

Government Entity Claims

Filing a claim for accident injuries that occurred along public properties can be complex compared to those on private properties as these areas may be managed by more than one entity. For instance, the city and county may both be responsible for controlling and maintaining an area of public property. If that responsibility is not met, one or more government entities can be held financially liable for damages in an accident caused by road defects including:

  • Insufficient guardrails or warning signage
  • Lack of roadway maintenance, such as large pothole repairs
  • Lanes constructed too narrow
  • Obstructed intersections
  • Poor roadway design, like lanes constructed too narrow or inadequate shoulders

The Statute of Limitations for Government Entity Claims

Under California’s personal injury law, an individual who has sustained a personal injury is allowed two years from the date of loss to file a claim. A claim against a government entity, whether federal, state, county or city, has a drastically shorter statute of limitations with 180 days or six months in which to file.┬áIf the claim is not filed within that deadline, the case will not be considered. Contact our office for more details on government entity claims.

Watch YouTube Video – By Attorney Ed Smith – What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

The following video discusses the damages that may be recovered by a husband, wife, parent or child of the decedent in this type of claim.

How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help

Approximately two percent of all motor vehicle fatalities are caused by environmental factors including poorly maintained roads, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately, determining that a hazardous road defect caused a motor vehicle accident resulting in the death of your loved one can be an extremely time-consuming process. It is important to contact a wrongful death lawyer in Stockton with years of experience in bringing claims against government entities. A seasoned lawyer can help guide your family through the legal requirements of these claims and protect your right to fair compensation of your loved one’s unfortunate demise.

Stockton Wrongful Death Attorney

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton wrongful death attorney. Losing someone you love in an accident is tragic, especially when that loss was caused by wrongful death. If you have lost someone you love in an accident due to the negligence of another individual or entity, I am truly sorry for your loss. Please feel free to contact me any time for compassionate, free and friendly legal advice at (209) 227-1931 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400.

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