Stockton Family Thank Good Samaritans Following Car Accident

Stockton Family Thank Good Samaritans Following Car Accident

Stockton Family Thank Good Samaritans Following Car Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton car accident lawyer. Recently, a local family took to social media to find and thank those who helped them following a severe car accident in Stockton. A 25-year-old woman was driving her SUV with her fiance and infant along Airport Way in the vicinity of Sonora Street when a vehicle full of teenagers they say failed to stop for the sign at the intersection. The collision left the SUV driver with puncture-type wounds to her arm caused by glass shards while her fiance and infant suffered injuries described as minor. Several Good Samaritans in the area stopped to assist the SUV driver out of the vehicle and wrapped her arm to contain further blood loss until emergency personnel arrived. The family later posted on Facebook to find those who helped them and were able to connect with the Good Samaritans to express their sincere gratitude for their selfless actions.

Avoiding Intersection Accidents

Most motor vehicle accidents that occur within an intersection are usually caused by errors on the part of one of the motorists involved. To reduce your risk of a car accident at an intersection, follow the safety tips listed below:

  • Avoid switching lanes in an intersection as a turning car may enter your direct path and strike the side of your vehicle;
  • Drive defensively as this can help reduce your odds of an accident;
  • Exercise caution when conducting right-hand turns on a red light as your view may be obstructed by other cars;
  • Keep an eye for bicyclists and pedestrians as they may enter the roadway for any given reason;
  • Monitor cross traffic before proceeding through an intersection;
  • When encountering uncontrolled intersections, be prepared to slow down, stop and treat it as a normal four-way stop. Be mindful that not all motorists understand how these types of intersections work.

What Can Cause an Intersection Accident?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly forty percent of all accidents occurred at an intersection. Some of the reasons why an intersection accident can happen include:

  • Drivers that fail to maintain a safe following distance can significantly increase their chances of a rear-end accident;
  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign is a leading cause for intersection accidents;
  • Limited visibility due in part to inclement conditions, overgrown shrubs and tree limbs, and larger vehicles blocking your view;
  • Motorist inattentiveness like texting on a cell phone or talking to vehicle occupants can cause collisions;
  • Traveling at speeds too fast for traffic or weather conditions can prevent a motorist from stopping in time to avoid a crash

Government Entity Claims for Roadway Defects

Intersection accidents may sometimes be attributed to a defect in the roadway. Some of the ways a roadway hazard can cause an accident and create a liability for the government include:

  • Hazards caused by road construction debris
  • Improper lane width (e.g. lanes that are too narrow)
  • Inadequate signage
  • Lack of guardrails
  • Large potholes
  • Merge lanes with poor design
  • Obstructions within an intersection

Those who have been injured in an accident caused by a dangerous road defect can bring a claim against a government entity for compensation for their incurred damages. Government entity lawsuits are often difficult to undergo as certain deadlines and criteria must be met in order for the claim to be considered. Contact an attorney for more details.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Determining fault in an intersection-related accident is an important issue as California is a comparative fault state. This means that any percentage of fault that is assigned can reduce your recovery by that percentage. For instance, if you were found 40 percent liable in an accident, you would only be able to recover 60 percent of the compensation offered. Even if the other party accepts responsibility for the accident, it is important to consider your options prior to discussing with the insurance company of the other party. By contacting an experienced personal injury attorney in Stockton, you can focus on recovering after your accident and be assured that your right to fair compensation will be protected.

Stockton Car Accident Lawyer

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