Stockton Collision Caused Major Injury

Vehicle Goes Into Water at White Slough

A Stockton collision resulted in a major injury when a vehicle went off the road on March 9. The accident occurred on Rio Blanco Road at West Eight Mile Road around 10:36 p.m. when the vehicle went off the roadway into the water at White Slough. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one individual made it out of the water, however, the vehicle was fully submerged. 

Patient Transported to Hospital With Major Injury

Medics with the Stockton Fire Department arrived at the scene as well as local police. It was determined the individual had suffered a broken femur. They were transported by the medics to San Joaquin General Hospital. Officers suspect the driver had been drinking when the accident occurred, which may have been a factor in the collision. The accident is being investigated to find out why the vehicle left the road and crashed into the water.

Run-Off-Road Accidents: Why They Happen

Most run-off-road accidents are caused by driver error, such as speeding, drunk driving or being distracted. In some circumstances, however, accidents caused by one vehicle can happen because of external factors. This situation can result in an injured party being able to seek compensation to cover their medical costs and time away from work as well as reimburse them for their pain and suffering. 

Run-Off-Road Accidents Caused by Mechanical Failure

There are many components in a vehicle that can cause it to run off the road, such as the tires, accelerator, steering, brakes or even the motor itself. Among the most common causes of these accidents are:

  • The driver may lose control in the event of a tire blowout or tread separation, causing the vehicle to go off the road.
  • Due to a defect, the accelerator may stick, which prevents the driver from controlling their speed.
  • Having an issue with the driver’s power steering can result in the wheel locking up, making it difficult for the motorist to control the car.
  • Whenever a driver is unable to brake, he or she cannot slow down the vehicle, resulting in a major injury accident.
  • In the event of engine failure, the driver has no control over what’s happening and can end up in a run-off-road accident.

With the help of an injury lawyer, you can file an auto products liability lawsuit against the manufacturer and others when a mechanical defect causes an accident. To ensure engineers can inspect the vehicle for defects, it is important not to destroy it following an accident.

Government Negligence as the Cause of a Major Injury Accident

A major injury accident can be caused by potholes and other factors. Injuries can be attributed to the government entity responsible for road maintenance. The injured person has six months to report it. The government entity, in turn, has 45 days to respond. If your claim is denied in that time, you have another 180 days to file your lawsuit. If you don’t hear from them, you have two years to file.

Consulting a lawyer is a good idea due to the shorter and more complicated statute of limitations in filing a government claim. A lawyer can provide assistance with filing the lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires and ensuring that all paperwork is completed correctly. 

Stockton Car Accident Lawyer

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