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Stockton Beer Week Heading Our Way in August

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August 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Stockton Beer Week Heading Our Way in August

Stockton Beer Week is headed our way. The celebration is running from Friday, August 9 through August 18 and being held at the Waterloo Gun and Bocce Club at 4343 North Ashley Lane. More than 30 breweries signed on this year to make 2019 the best Beer Week yet. During this popular festival, attendees can enjoy giveaways, live music, food vendors, and discover the latest and greatest from our fabulous local microbreweries. 

Rules for Attendance

There are a few common-sense rules for attending Stockton Beer Week to make it safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Of course, all attendees must be 21 or over. Identification will be required to prove your age. Wristbands must be kept on all the time. All the attendees are subject to search upon admission. This is for the safety of the guests. Anyone can be refused service for any type of reason. 

Tickets for Beer Week

Tickets are available for general admission, designated drivers and VIP guests. The pricing is as follows:

  • General Admission: Tickets cost $35 and guests are given a complimentary glass for tasting. Beer tastings are held from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Activities for non-alcoholic events are included in the admission.
  • Designated Drivers: The tickets cost $10, and the guest is given a complimentary water bottle and access to the events that are non-alcoholic. A ticket for a designated driver is good for both general admission and VIP.
  • VIP: VIP tickets cost $45, and the ticket holders get early admittance to the event at 3:00 p.m. They receive a VIP badge and a complimentary glass for tasting as well as access to beers for those only in this category. They are also given a complimentary gift and giveaways. 

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