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May 07, 2019
Edward Smith

Steering Failure Leads to Accidents

Steering failure in a motor vehicle or truck in Sacramento can lead to a severe accident with resulting injuries or fatalities. There are warning signs when the steering is in danger of failing in some cases. In others, the problem may be due to a manufacturer defect. Below, we will look at the different causes and types of steering failure and how an attorney can determine fault when an accident is caused through negligence by a driver or manufacturer.

Types of Steering Failure

A vehicle typically warns if the steering is in danger of failing. The two types are a complete loss of the power to steer and the loss of only the power steering. These are often caused by leaks and can make a whining noise in the steering column. These warnings at least give the driver time to head to a mechanic. In other cases, it can be a fast leak, and the driver discovers the steering wheel is suddenly stiff and doesn’t want to turn. This can cause the driver to lose control, which can cause a rear-end collision or sideswipe of another car. If there is a large truck up ahead, it could result in an underride accident. Pulling the vehicle to a slow stop is recommended since hard braking can cause it to go out of control. Put on the vehicle’s flashers to warn others.

Steering Failure Warning Signs

Other mechanical problems that indicate an issue with steering can be more subtle. However, they bear checking out. These include:

  • Loose steering: This problem can indicate an issue with the steering rack or worm rods.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel: A vibration when turning the wheel can indicate contaminant buildup. Flushing the system can help.
  • The steering wheel pulls to one side: This dangerous occurrence can indicate steering failure due to wear. A fluid leak can also cause this problem. Uncorrected, it could lead to an accident, resulting in severe head injuries or broken bones.
  • Grinding noise: Check your steering fluid. It’s probably low.
  • Screeching sound when the wheel is turned: This can mean the belt connecting the motor to the steering pump is worn.
  • Steering slips: This can indicate the start of a serious problem, from a leak or faulty pump to worn belts.
  • Defective steering: In March 2018, Ford recalled 1.4 million vehicles because of the danger that the steering wheel might detach while driving. Other recalls have been noted over the years. Check to make sure it is not an issue with your vehicle if warning signs start to appear.

Car Accident Injuries

Any motor vehicle accident can result in serious injuries. If your injuries were caused by a negligent motorist, an attorney can advise you on whether you have a case and answer your questions. When steering failure causes a crash, it may be due to another driver’s negligence. Failure of your own steering wheel may be caused by a manufacturer defect. An experienced lawyer can help discover the cause of a crash and hold the responsible parties accountable for your personal injury damages. This may be an individual or government entity. In the case of a defective part, the manufacturer, parts maker, or others may be held responsible. I believe no one should have to pay for the expenses of their injuries if they were caused by someone else.

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