Staying Safe in Brentwood During The Fourth of July

Staying Safe in Brentwood During The Fourth of July

Staying Safe in Brentwood During The Fourth of July

I’m Ed Smith, a Brentwood wrongful death lawyer. The Fourth of July is only a couple days away and the Brentwood Police Department is acting accordingly. Brentwood police are reminding city residents about the dangers regarding fireworks and the use of firearms during Independence Day.

Consequences of Firework and Firearm Use in Brentwood

Contra Costa County is an official firework-free zone, mandated by the state of California. Furthermore, being in possession or use of fireworks of all sizes and types is forbidden in the city of Brentwood. Possession of illegal fireworks that are set off into the air or explode may constitute as a felony and can result in a maximum fine of $5,000 and incarceration.

Releasing firearms into the open air is against the law. Bullets that are fired into the air inevitably return to the ground at some point, descending at an average rate of 300 to 400 feet per second. This rate of rapid movement poses a high danger because it can break through solid structures, such as roofs, and damage property as well as any at-home residents. Statistics have revealed that celebratory fireworks and gunfire injures thousands of people each year.

Increased Brentwood Police Patrol

On July 4th, the Brentwood Police Department will be prepared to keep their community safe from those that are willing to go against the law. The department will be assigning a higher-than-average number of officers to patrol residential neighborhoods while actively enforcing firework regulations. Instead of purchasing and setting fireworks off at home, Brentwood police are encouraging all residents to consider attending one of the free community firework events in surrounding cities.

Safety Concerns of Firework Use in Brentwood

Moreover, it is important to remind Brentwood residents that the recent drought conditions resulted in some additional safety concerns. Water-stricken lawns and high weeds are highly vulnerable to stray sparks or embers left over from fireworks. It would be wise to avoid any temptation that can put you and your neighbors’ safety at risk.

It is easy to stay safe and have a fun holiday. We hope that everyone will comply with safety regulations to keep themselves and their community safe.

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