Statistics on Unintentional Deaths in California (Just the Stats)

Every year there are over 10,000 yearly deaths in California, mostly from motor vehicle accidents. There are more unintentional deaths from accidents in California than in any other state.  Nonetheless, the good news is that the number of unintentional deaths is decreasing by about 1.5 % per year since 2006.

Out of the approximately 10,000 deaths per year in California, some 329 in 2012 were fatalities suffered at work.  129 of these 329 Fatalities were caused by motor vehicle crashes involving other vehicles.

Contact with fixed objects or equipment killed 66 people in 2012.

Slip and fall accidents were the third leading cause of death at work with 54 deaths.

Exposure to hazardous substances killed 22 people and 6 people were killed by fire or explosions.

This is a continuing series of articles discussing the statistics of personal injuries throughout California.

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