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Statistics on What Causes Yuba City Car Accidents

Data on What Causes Yuba City Car Accidents

A car accident can be a life-changing event. Many people are careful drivers and don’t expect to be involved in a crash any time soon. However, serious crashes happen every day, and it’s impossible to know exactly when or where something will go wrong. While it may not be likely that you will be in an auto accident on any given day, it only takes one crash to cause major consequences. People living in the area can increase their safety by learning about local collision trends. For this reason, area residents may be interested in learning what causes Yuba City car accidents.

Causal Factors of Yuba City Car Accidents Ranked

After conducting an investigation into the accident, officials will mark a “primary causal factor” related to the crash. These are usually violations committed by a driver, but can also include non-driver factors. In many cases, crashes involve multiple factors, and the primary causal factor is only the factor that was most responsible for the collision.

The following factors are taken from a list of accidents provided by UC Berkeley. This list includes all 3,408 traumatic car accidents reported in the city between 2008 and 2020. Each primary causal factor is listed next to the number of collisions caused during this period:

  • Unsafe Speed, 1039
  • Automobile Right of Way, 613
  • Improper Turning, 347
  • Traffic Signals and Signs, 338
  • Driving While Intoxicated, 204
  • Wrong Side of the Road, 162
  • Tailgating, 113
  • Unsafe Starting or Backing, 106

All other primary causal factors caused less than 100 accidents each and accounted for around ten percent of crashes altogether. Some of the least common factors included intoxicated pedestrians, hazardous parking, vehicle light malfunctions, and impeding traffic.

Causes and Liability

Depending on the determined cause of the accident, one or more parties are typically considered at-fault for the crash. At-fault parties can usually be held responsible financially for damages suffered during the collision, helping injured people recover the compensation they need to move on with their lives after being seriously hurt.

Comparative Fault

In California, liability for accidents is determined on the basis of comparative fault. This means that, if the crash is caused by more than one factor, courts will determine the amount of responsibility each individual factor had in the crash. The percentage of responsibility is proportional to the percentage of damages that at-fault parties can be held liable for. For instance, if speeding was determined to be 75 percent of the reason an accident happened, the speeding driver would be responsible for covering at least three-quarters of the damages.

Non-Driver Negligence

As mentioned above, drivers aren’t always the only responsible parties in car crashes. In some cases, the manufacturer of a defective car part may share responsibility. In others, a government body responsible for maintaining a particular road may be at-fault. In cases that involve DUI, businesses or individuals responsible for supplying the intoxicated driver with alcohol or vehicle access may be partially liable.

Getting Help

Injury claims are important and often critical for people trying to recover after an accident. However, they can be complicated, and at-fault parties usually put up a fight trying to disclaim responsibility. This is why it is so important to have an experienced Yuba City car accident lawyer on your side. Having an excellent attorney can make a huge difference in your ability to claim the compensation you deserve for the trauma you have suffered.

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