Intersection Collision Near Chico Causes Major Injuries

State Route 45 Intersection Collision Reported Between Pickup and Van

An intersection collision between two vehicles near Chico on August 14 resulted in major injuries. The crash happened along State Route 45 at the intersection with County Road 32 (Ord Ferry Road) at around 2:34 p.m. Both of the vehicles, a Ford F-250 pickup pulling a gooseneck trailer and a Chrysler van, ended up exiting the roadway into an orchard, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Major Damage Reported to Vehicles in Intersection Collision

The only roadway damage that was reported was a stop sign that had been knocked down. First responders with the fire department were called to the scene when it was determined that injuries had occurred. The pickup sustained major damage, and both vehicles were towed. 

One Patient Hospitalized as a Result of the Two-Vehicle Accident

One patient was transported by the fire department to Enloe Medical Center in Chico with major injuries. A determination of fault and cause in the collision is under determination by CHP traffic accident investigators.

How an Intersection Collision in a Rural Area Happens

Collisions in rural areas are fairly common because of several factors, a lesser police presence, fewer vehicles and more poor-quality roads. Because driveways exit onto the roadway or rural crossroads exist, some drivers do not expect to come upon others, which leads to an accident. Additional dangers include: 

  • Slow-moving farm equipment pulling onto the roadway can cause an accident.
  • Livestock that have broken free from their fencing and entered the road can cause an intersection accident.
  • Drivers may have more of a tendency to speed or drive down the middle of the road, which can make it more difficult to stop if a vehicle is pulling out ahead.
  • Drunk drivers are a common cause of an intersection collision on a rural road.
  • Improper passing, such as on the double-yellow line or when the view ahead is obscured, can cause an intersection crash.
  • Distracted driving can cause an intersection accident if the motorist is checking their GPS, talking on a cell phone or just admiring the scenery.

Recovering Compensation for Your Accident Injuries

An injury lawyer uses a number of methods to collect evidence that supports a client’s injury claim. They often include interviewing witnesses, inspecting the vehicles and reviewing video footage. They can also prove if one of the drivers violated a traffic law such as by speeding or failing to yield the right-of-way. 

Accident attorneys are experienced in handling all types of traffic collisions, know the law and are experienced in collecting evidence. By using this knowledge, they can build an effective case to support their client’s injury claim. Reach out today for a free case review and help to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

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