Spinal Cord Clot Following Motorcycle Accidents

Spinal Cord Clot Following Motorcycle Accidents

Spinal Cord Clot Following Motorcycle Accidents

Spinal Cord Clot Following Motorcycle Accidents – There are many different forms of transportation, and many people elect to ride a motorcycle. For some people, it is the fuel efficiency. Others may enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Regardless, it is essential to understand the risks that come with riding a bike. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • In 2015, there were close to 5,000 people killed in a motorcycle accident. This is close to a 10 percent increase from the number in 2014.
  • Almost 100,000 people sustained a serious injury in a motorcycle accident.
  • In states without universal helmet laws, more than half of the riders were not wearing a helmet at the time of a fatal motorcycle accident.

This shows just how severe motorcycle accidents can be. It is important for everyone to understand that there is a risk of sustaining an acute traumatic injury or being killed. One of these traumatic injuries could even lead to a blood clot in the spine.

Mechanism of Spinal Cord Injury in a Motorcycle Accident

There are many different ways that people could sustain a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident. Some common mechanisms include:

  • Having to lay down a motorcycle and getting pinned underneath.
  • Impacting the head on the ground, transmitting forces through the skull and into the spine.
  • Colliding with another object or motor vehicle and being thrown from a motorcycle.
  • A direct blunt or penetrating injury to the spine itself.

A penetrating injury to the spine can result from flying glass, loose metal, or rocks and other objects on the ground. When this happens, a blood clot could form in the spine, leading to significant complications.

Blood Clot Formation Following a Motorcycle Accident

When someone sustains a penetrating injury of the spine, the body’s typical response is to try and form a blood clot to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, sometimes, this clot will travel elsewhere. When someone sustains an injury of the spine, there is inflammation that develops around the tissue. This inflammation compresses the blood vessels, making them smaller than they typically are. While inflammation is important in the healing process, this also makes it easier for a blood clot to obstruct blood flow through the spinal arteries. This can cut off blood flow to the spinal cord itself, leading to complications which might include paralysis. Because of this, it is essential for everyone to seek medical care as quickly as possible. Some of the signs and symptoms of a spinal cord clot include:

  • Active bleeding of the back.
  • A loss in the typical range of motion of the back.
  • A feeling of numbness or tingling traveling down the arms or legs.
  • Pain that gets worse over the spine with palpation.
  • Trouble moving the arms or legs themselves.

If a spinal cord clot has developed, medical professionals will often use imaging procedures to localize the clot in the back. Then, using a small wire, they often will snake their way through other vessels into the spinal arteries where they will pull out the clot. It is important to note that time is of the essence. Nerve damage is often permanent and preventing this from happening is of utmost importance. Furthermore, other resources might also be helpful to people in their time of need.

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