Speeding and Pedestrian Fatalities

Speeding and Pedestrian Fatalities

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Speeding And Pedestrian Fatalities

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton Pedestrian Accident Attorney. Despite the increasing number of pedestrian deaths caused by drivers who choose to speed, state and local agencies are slow to shift their focus from drivers and users of public transit to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. Fortunately, some areas in California are making changes aimed at combating the alarming trend of fatal vehicle-pedestrian collisions. These types of collisions are often deadly, so it is important for victims to obtain legal support from an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

Rates of Pedestrian Fatalities

According to the San Francisco Police Department, 60 percent of all traffic-related fatalities involve pedestrians. Across the nation, speeding has proven to be a contributing factor in as many as 30 percent of traffic collision deaths.

Speed Limits Need to Be Addressed

These alarming statistics indicate that roadway speed needs to be addressed through the lowering and enforcement of speed limits. A recent study revealed that drivers are four times as likely to yield for pedestrians when traveling at speeds of around 20 miles per hour (mph). One explanation for this is that a driver’s field of vision decreases at higher speeds, so drivers traveling at lower speeds are able to see the entire road. As speed increases, a driver’s focal point narrows and he or she is only able to clearly see the area immediately in front of the car.

Increased Risk of Death After Being Hit By Car

Additional evidence shows that the risk of death after a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle is decreased significantly within the 20 mph range. For example, a pedestrian that is hit by a vehicle traveling at 20 mph or less only has a 10 percent chance of death. At 30 mph, the risk increases to 40 percent and at 40 mph, the death rate for pedestrians is 80 percent.

Current Law – Pedestrian Safety Act

In 2000, the California Legislature passed the Pedestrian Safety Act and reaffirmed its goal to provide safe and convenient pedestrian travel and to reduce fatalities and injuries. The law also provides a degree of legal protection to pedestrians by:

  • Requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians in marked and unmarked crosswalks;
  • Placing restrictions on the removal of marked crosswalks;
  • Giving pedestrians the right of way while on sidewalks; and
  • Assigning a higher duty of care to drivers.

More Needs To Be Done to Decrease Pedestrian Fatalities

While these types of laws are a step in the right direction, a lack of enforcement and coordination between law enforcement, the government, and the public has resulted in a failure to decrease pedestrian deaths.

In efforts to combat these trends,  advocacy groups are now attempting to have automated speed enforcement (ASE) devices implemented at the state level. ASE is a safety technique that uses cameras and speed sensors to photograph vehicles driving at excessive speeds. Cities that have implemented this technique have reported significant reductions in collisions, speeding, and pedestrian fatalities.

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