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Speed Limit In Construction Zone California

speed limit in construction zone california

Traffic Laws for Construction Zones in California

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Most people understand that driving through construction zones is slightly more challenging than navigating the open road. For this reason, the state of California has laws that govern motor vehicle traffic specifically in construction zones. The interstate system is undergoing an era of unprecedented expansion. Construction zones present common obstacles for motorists in California. These obstacles can lead to serious car accidents that can land people in the hospital or worse. With this in mind, the main construction zone laws are summarized below.

Construction Zone Codes for the State of California

California Vehicle Code 21370: This code gives the Department of Transportation for California the power to alter traffic flow through a construction zone. Everybody is familiar with this because this power is used to drop speed limits and take over lanes on the road for the purposes of construction. All this means is that people need to obey changes in the traffic pattern through construction zones.

California Vehicle Code 565: This vehicle code states that certain types of construction equipment can only be used in certain areas. This is important because much of the construction equipment is heavy and used to move surfaces such as earth, clay, and asphalt. These pieces of equipment can cause serious car accidents if not restricted to certain areas of construction zones.

California Vehicle Code 42010: Everyone is familiar with the signs that state that fines are doubled or even tripled in construction zones for crimes such as speeding. These signs often warn that even prison time is involved in these enhanced penalties. This is the code that gives construction zones and the Department of Transportation to enhance see fines to deter people from driving dangerously where they might be killed. Heed these warnings.

California Vehicle Code 22362: This code exists to remind everyone that it is against the law to violate the special speed lowering signs in construction zones. Specifically, these signs are valid within about 400 feet of a construction zone. It also states that the posted speed limits can drop to 25 miles per hour if necessary.

Common Reasons for Auto Accidents in Construction Zones

Despite these codes, there are still a few types of accidents that are common in construction zones. When people do not take extra precautions to drive safely in construction zones, disaster can strike and they may need to ask for help. These accidents include:

  • Trying to cut in front of traffic at the last minute when a lane disappears
  • Speeding through narrow lanes in construction zones.
  • Spinning out when trying to merge across lanes of uneven pavement.
  • Striking construction workers who are on foot doing their job.
  • Hitting construction equipment, signs, concrete, and other construction supplies when driving in a restricted area.

Sacramento Construction Zone Auto Accident Lawyer

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