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Speed Limit Change

Speed Limit Change

Speed limit change

Speed Limit Change – A few Sacramento streets will be undergoing a speed limit change soon, so motorists should take care to avoid getting a ticket from unintentional speeding. The local city council passed a new ordinance on September 4, 2018, following a study. It has not yet been announced when the signs reflecting the lower speed limits will be installed on four local streets. However, it is expected to go into effect soon.

Speed Limit Change Surveys

An engineering and traffic survey has to be performed to justify the speed limit. Otherwise, it might be deemed a speed trap. Setting speed limits is not something that is done arbitrarily and has to be justified. A study of the speed limit on a street examines what speeds most motorists are traveling at and uses this to set the limit that equals 85 percent of those drivers. Other considerations may also affect the set speed limit along a street. For example, schools, parks, and homes that are close to the road can justify lowering the speed limit along a particular street because of the higher number of pedestrians.

Streets Designated for a Speed Limit Change

While the speed limits on 28 different streets are to remain the same, the following four will be lowered. The Innovator Drive speed limit change is scheduled to go from 35 mph down to 30 mph from Natomas Crossing Drive to Arena Boulevard. The Rio Linda Boulevard speed limit will be lowered to 40 mph from 45 mph between North Avenue and Marysville Boulevard. The Logan Street speed limit will be set to 25 mph between Elder Creek Road and Lemon Hill Avenue. The speed limit change along Windbridge Drive will go down to 30 mph from 35 mph between Pocket Road and Rush River Drive.

Speeding in and Around Sacramento

A speed limit change for certain areas in and around Sacramento may help in lowering the number of motor vehicle accidents. The California Office of Traffic Safety compares traffic collisions that cause injuries or fatalities in comparably sized cities in the state. Sacramento ranked second in the number of speeders involved in traffic collisions resulting in deaths or injuries in 2015 with 1,179. Sacramento County ranked first among the 58 counties in California with 2,923 injuries and deaths from traffic accidents.

Speeding Statistics

One of the reasons for a speed limit change along certain streets is the number of collisions caused by speeders. It was reported in 2016 by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration that speeding contributed to more than 10,000 traffic fatalities that year. This represented 27 percent of all the traffic fatalities in 2016. Speeding, which is a form of reckless driving, contributes to accidents in the following ways:

  • A driver who is speeding has less control over a vehicle.
  • Speeding drivers need a longer distance to react in an emergency and stop.
  • The severity of a crash is increased the faster a driver is going.
  • Seatbelts and airbags are less effective at higher speeds.

Watch YouTube Video: Safe Steps Road Safety: Speed Limits. This animated video provides simple life-saving messages on road safety while driving the speed limit.

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