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July 09, 2016
Edward Smith

South Sacramento Accident Investigation

Hi I’m Ed Smith, a South Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer. Sacramento Police arrived in a South Sacramento neighborhood to respond to a reported shooting call at 11:33 pm on Monday, July 4, 2016.

What Happened?

Authorities arrived on the scene and discovered a crashed vehicle on a neighborhood lawn. There was an unresponsive male adult driver found inside the vehicle. The accident happened in the vicinity of the intersection of Matson Drive and Balfour Way in South Sacramento. The vehicle came to a complete stop after crashing into a tree and a street sign. The male was found dead on scene due to the multiple gunshot wounds sustained throughout his body.

Sacramento Police Department Investigation

Sacramento Police Department initially arrived to the scene for a reported shooting call. The Sacramento Police officials then discovered an unresponsive driver inside the vehicle. Sacramento Police has not yet concluded whether the shooting or the vehicle crash happened first. Sacramento Police officials have not found in their investigations the initial starting and ending locations of the shooting and the car crash.

Sacramento Police Public Announcements

Sacramento Police have not found a motive for the car accident and shooting. Sacramento Police have not made any arrests at this time. Any witnesses are encouraged to contact the Sacramento Police Department for any tips and observations on both incidents at (916) 264-5471.

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