South Lake Tahoe Training Volunteers for Disaster Relief

South Lake Tahoe Training Volunteers for Disaster Relief

South Lake Tahoe Training Volunteers for Disaster Relief

I’m Ed Smith, a South Lake Tahoe car accident lawyer. In recent years, the community of South Lake Tahoe was the site of some taxing disasters and, as a response, STAT has formed. The assembly of volunteers’ goal is to train in order to be able to assist the personnel of the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department (SLTFD) in instances of severe need.

The First Class

On the night of Monday, February 5, 2018, SLTFD hosted the first out of a series of training sessions given to new recruits of the STAT so that firefighters will have help at the ready in the event of a problem that becomes too widespread for the local fire department to respond to effectively.  

Attendees were given instruction on how to respond in emergency situations like floods, fires, vehicle collisions, and more, and also received instruction on how to properly administer care to individuals with injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, burns, and more.

The Captain Paramedic of SLTFD, Kim George, told reporters that the STAT volunteers are an important resource and added that the volunteers would be able to assist with things such as helping out with shelter, evacuations, and information resources “if (the department) had something that was larger scale.”

Recent Deployment

The STAT force was most recently deployed last winter. STLFD faced numerous challenges during the flooding of South Lake Tahoe and, while the department faced numerous long-term problems, STAT was able to directly assist in efforts towards recovery.

George added that the members of STAT helping with the fallout from the flooding “went to high school with” the displaced people they were assisting evacuate their homes.

Member Feedback

Tina Cullen, a current member of the STAT team, noted that the skills she learned in the program would be helpful in many other situations including “if you’re out hiking or a car accident.” Cullen added that an individual with stat training would definitely be able to render aid in the event of a traumatic injury “even if it is just until paramedics arrive.”

Cullen became a member of the STAT team a few years ago and her spouse has since joined STAT as well. Cullen said she didn’t get a chance to volunteer when the flood was happening due to being trapped in her own area and not being able to travel to the relief center at the high school. Still, Culled reports that she frequently volunteers at department events and is happy to get a chance to interact with area firefighters.

An Important Group

George said that STAT is a “very important” part of the South Lake Tahoe community because the city is a bit isolated from areas around it and the fire department is relatively small. Cullen says that she agrees with the necessity of extra support for large STAT events and added that by signing up to volunteer you are not only helping yourself but also helping the members of the community in which you live.

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