Car Accident Lake Tahoe Statistics

Lake Tahoe Car Accident Statistics

Where there is traffic, there is always the potential for collisions resulting in serious injuries. However, by knowing how, when, and under what circumstances these accidents will likely occur, drivers can actively decrease their chances of being involved in a crash.

New data published by UC Berkeley researchers shows trends in local car accidents that area drivers may want to learn.

Auto Accident Overview

In South Lake Tahoe, during the ten years spanning from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2017, about 439 car wrecks resulted in injuries. These injuries ranged in severity from minor to fatal and affected 587 separate injured individuals.

In the 439 crashes, 77 involved cyclists, 50 involved street pedestrians, 27 involved motorcyclists, and the remaining 285 involved only large commercial big-rig trucks, normal passenger vehicles, or both.

Additionally, more than half (228) of these accidents occurred on a highway operated by the state within the city’s limits.

Accident Type

Most injury collisions in South Lake Tahoe have been broadside accidents, accounting for 29.61 percent of the crashes in question. Rear-end accidents followed broadside accidents at 21.41 percent.

Both rear-end, and broadside accidents were more common than other accident types by a full 10 percent, with the following most common injury accident types being head-on collisions at 10.48 percent, hit-object accidents also at 10.48 percent, vehicle/pedestrian crashes at 10.25 percent, and sideswipe accidents at 8.88 percent.

The least common type of accident to leave individuals with injuries in the city has been rollover accidents, which only accounted for 2.73 percent of crashes. However, rollovers did account for more than 10 percent of collisions involving fatal injuries.


Of the 439 accidents, 11 resulted in fatalities, and 43 collisions resulted in severe injuries for 48 individuals. One hundred forty-nine accidents were marked by serious non-visible injuries, and 243 involved complaints of pain and possible internal injuries.

The leading type of accident to cause fatal injuries was vehicle/pedestrian accidents, which accounted for nearly half of the deadly accidents in South Lake Tahoe. The second-most deadly accident types were rollovers and broadside accidents.


For a variety of reasons, some roadway locations can tend to have more accidents than others.

These locations are high-frequency accident areas in South Lake Tahoe:

  • The Lake Tahoe Boulevard/Highway 50 junction
  • Lake Tahoe Boulevard and Julie Lane
  • Lake Tahoe Boulevard near Tahoe Keys Boulevard
  • Ski Run Avenue between Pioneer Trail and Paradise Avenue
  • Pioneer Trail at Blackwood Road

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