Sobriety Checkpoint Ahead


Sobriety Checkpoint Ahead

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove auto accident attorney. We saw a lot of car accidents last week due to all the rain and wind we received. We also learned of many serious trucking accidents in fog impacted regions that when combined with slick roads created perfect conditions for highway treachery. With the wet weather behind us for the time being, we are ready for all the holiday parties this weekend. With this type of cheer going on, we start to see more drunk driving accidents.

Elk Grove – Sobriety Checkpoint Ahead

As part of Elk Grove Police Department’s annual increased Holiday time traffic enforcement, they’ve decided to conduct a sobriety and drivers license checkpoint.

What Day Will the Checkpoint Be Held?

An Elk Grove Sobriety Checkpoint Ahead will be conducted on Saturday, December 17, 2016 (today/tonight) at an undisclosed place within the city limits of Elk Grove.

What Time Will the Checkpoint Be?

It is expected to begin sometime between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. The sobriety checkpoint will focus on removing drunk or impaired drivers, as well as unlicensed motorists from our Elk Grove roadways.

Free Literature Handed at to All Passing Through

Materials of educational value that go over the very real dangers of driving under the influence will be passed out to drivers. Be sure to take what you are offered and keep it for your information or offer to someone you think could benefit from the information. Drunk driving statistics will be included and are very sobering to read. Drunk drivers cause many wrongful deaths and traumatic injuries each year in our state and throughout the country.

What do I do if I Spot a Drunk or Impaired Driver in Elk Grove?

Great question. You are encouraged to call Elk Grove Police Department at (916) 714-5111 (this is an emergency line). Or, you may simply dial 911 if you observe a suspected drunk or impaired driver.

What Should I say to a 911 Operator?

Go ahead and give the 911 dispatcher the following information:

  • The make, model and color of the car
  • License plate information is always helpful – sometimes even a partial plate will do
  • Location of the impaired driver and direction the car was last traveling

Example: I’m calling to report what I believe to be an impaired driver. The driver is a female in an older model, dark green Dodge Neon. She was heading eastbound on the Cap City Freeway and was exiting along Exposition Boulevard when I last saw her. She had a California license plate number of 3PJ6701.

What if the Motorist Isn’t Impaired – Will I Be In Trouble?

No. If it turns out that the driver you reported isn’t driving under the influence, you won’t be in trouble. Sometimes the driver turns out to be a distracted driver. The main thing is that you care about the safety of our roadways and did your part to keep them safe.

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