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Single Vehicle Crash Victim From Citrus Heights


Single Vehicle Crash Victim From Citrus Heights

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights car accident lawyer. A one-vehicle crash on January 20 claimed the life of a Citrus Heights man. According to a representative of the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the cause of the accident is being investigated to see whether alcohol or drugs played a part in the crash.

What Happened

The accident happened in the early morning hours along Isleton Road, which runs along the south side of the Sacramento River. The driver, Louis Abundis, 49, and a resident of Citrus Heights, was identified by the coroner’s office for Sacramento County. Reportedly, he was driving his 2002 Honda along the road northbound at an undetermined speed when the vehicle exited on the road’s west side. It then traveled down the side and hit a tree. The accident was reported by a caller to 911 just after 4:00 in the morning.

Single Vehicle Crash Statistics

In 2016, the number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents totaled 37,461, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Of these, 55 percent died in single vehicle crashes. In California, 3,623 people died overall. Fifty-seven percent of that number or 2,063 died in single vehicle crashes.

Reasons for Run-Off-Road (ROR) Accidents

  • The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration performed an analysis of run-off-road or single vehicle accidents to determine the most common reasons for these crashes. The information produced by the study is as follows:
    Drunk drivers are more likely to be involved in a ROR accident than sober drivers.
  • Speeding contributes to such accidents.
  • Run-off-road accidents are more likely to occur on curves than on straight stretches of road.
  • Run-off-road accidents occur more often along rural roads than in urban settings.
  • Roads with fewer lanes are more likely to be the site of ROR accidents rather than multi-lane highways.
  • Adverse weather conditions can contribute to single vehicle accidents.
  • These accidents are more common at night than in the daylight hours.
  • Vehicles carrying only one person are less likely to be involved in a ROR accident than those carrying two or more persons.
  • Driver error such as drowsy driving, inattentiveness and overcorrection are likely contributing factors to ROR accidents.

Responsibility for ROR Accidents

Responsibility for ROR accidents varies depending on the circumstances. At times, another driver, who is driving recklessly, can be responsible. Examples are:

  • Another driver precipitates the crash:  This could be when a careless driver veers into an opposing lane, something that could cause a head-on crash. In this situation, a driver may be forced to move off the roadway to avoid a collision. If a guardrail or tree is in the driver’s path, a single vehicle accident will happen. The fault here is due to the wrong way driver.
  • Auto product liability: When the vehicle or its parts are defective, a driver may have little control over what happens. For instance, tire or brake defects may suddenly cause the driver to lack the ability to stop or control the path of a vehicle. There are many reasons this happens, from design to manufacturing defects. In such instances, an attorney can recover damages under a product liability lawsuit.
  • Roadway issues: This can involve poorly maintained roads or lack of signage to indicate a dangerous condition. For instance, if the road ahead enters into a sharp curve, a responsible municipality or state would provide adequate warning, telling drivers that the curve lay ahead. While many people in the area may be aware of the curve, other drivers may not. In this case, the lack of roadway signage can be seen as a reason the accident happened.

Citrus Heights Car Accident Lawyers

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