Single-Vehicle Crash in Rio Linda Causes Injury

Driver Loses Control and Vehicle Becomes Wedged in a Fence

A single-vehicle crash occurred in Rio Linda on October 26 when a driver struck a tree. The collision happened along 7th Street between N and O streets around 7:49 in the evening. When officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived at the scene, they discovered the vehicle had slammed into a tree and become wedged in a fence on the property. 

One Person in Single-Vehicle Crash Transported to a Hospital

The vehicle was not drivable. Medics with the Sacramento Metro Fire District arrived and determined that one patient had suffered injuries believed to be minor. However, that individual was transported to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for additional evaluation. The CHP is conducting an investigation to determine what caused the accident. 

Causes of a Single-Vehicle Crash

A single-vehicle crash is not only common but can occur for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, the driver is at fault due to distracted or drunk driving, speeding, or other types of negligence. However, a single-vehicle crash can also occur for the following reasons where the injured party can place a claim for personal injury damages:

  • Mechanical defects: When a vehicle has a defect in the brakes, steering, engine, tires, or accelerator, it can cause the driver to lose control and become involved in an accident. When collisions occur, it’s a good idea to retain the vehicle so that it can be examined for mechanical defects. When an auto defect is found that caused or contributed to the collision, the injured party can place a product liability claim against the manufacturer to recover damages.
  • Government negligence: Poor roadway maintenance such as potholes, weakened guardrails, limbs that overhang signs, bad lighting and others can be responsible for a single-vehicle crash. In these instances, the government entity charged with the upkeep of the roadway can be held liable. However, filing a claim against a government entity is much different than other personal injury cases, and the timeline for filing is considerably shorter. Getting assistance from an injury lawyer can make the process go smoothly and ensure that all required paperwork is filed before the statute of limitations runs out. Otherwise, the case will not be heard in court. 
  • Road rage or aggressive drivers: A motorist with road rage or who is aggressive drives recklessly by speeding, cutting in and out of lanes, tailgating, and performing other dangerous maneuvers. In some instances, this type of driver can try to force another vehicle off the road, which may appear like a single-vehicle crash. Investigators collecting evidence into the cause of an accident can check traffic surveillance cameras in the area, perform accident reconstruction and use other techniques to determine if another vehicle was there.

Compensation Following a Traffic Collision

Accidents resulting in injuries can occur for many reasons, but an injury lawyer can determine what happened by investigating the case. If negligence by another person or entity turns out to be the reason for the accident, the injured party can hold them responsible for their medical costs, lost wages and their pain and suffering with the help of a lawyer. 

Rio Linda Car Accident Lawyer

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