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Single Vehicle Accident Results in Rollover Near Merced County

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November 21, 2017
Edward Smith

Single Vehicle Accident Results in Rollover Near Merced County

Single Vehicle Accident Results in Rollover Near Merced County

I’m Ed Smith, a Merced car accident lawyer. An accident involving four vehicles occurred in Merced County on November 13, 2017. The accident was caused by the driver of a Dodge pickup truck that allegedly failed to stop in time for stopped traffic ahead. This evidently caused multiple vehicles to sustain significant body damage and one woman to suffer major injuries. A second car accident coincidentally took place in the same area and occurred in the same manner on Tuesday, November 14, 2017. This accident involved one vehicle and, thankfully, no injuries were reported.

What Happened?

A 30-year-old El Nido man was driving his Chevrolet Cobalt northbound along Highway 59 near Rahilly Road at about 4:15 pm. The Chevrolet was traveling approximately 55 miles per hour moments before approaching stopped traffic ahead. The driver of the Chevrolet claimed that he was unable to stop in time and veered his vehicle to the right to avoid a rear-end collision. Unfortunately, the swerving movement caused his vehicle to overturn and come to a rest in a ditch along the roadway.

No Injuries Reported

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that the Chevrolet Cobalt was the sole vehicle involved in the accident. Officials reported that no injuries happened as a result of the collision. Alcohol and drugs did not appear to have played as factors leading up to the crash.

Speeding and Accidents

Speeding is a prevailing factor in car accidents today. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated in a 2015 report that 9,557 parties suffered fatal injuries in speeding-related accidents. Speeding is a form of an aggressive driving behavior that is usually caused by motorists running late or disregard for the law and for others on the road. The consequences of speeding are endless and tend to result in:

  • Decreased Fuel Economy
  • Increased Risk for Loss of Vehicle Control
  • Increased Degree of Collision Severity
  • Penalty Points on Driving Record
  • Traumatic Injuries or Death

It is important to avoid driving over the posted speed limit as there are more consequences than benefits for speeding. Speed limits, along with other warning signs, are placed under the sole purpose of serving and protecting the public from collisions.

Merced Car Accident Lawyer

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