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March 07, 2019
Edward Smith

Shoulder Pain After a Traumatic Accident

Shoulder pain is among the most common reasons why people visit their doctor and is frequently sustained in a traumatic accident. Among the various types of traumatic events include auto accidents, motorcycle collisions, and even slip and fall injuries.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Differentiating secondary causes of shoulder pain from serious injuries is important. Some of the primary causes of shoulder pain include:

Shoulder Dislocation: This is one of the most common shoulder issues that could happen in a traumatic accident. Examples of possible shoulder dislocations include anterior, inferior, and posterior shoulder dislocations. Some of these are more serious than others; however, once people have dislocated their shoulder, they are at an increased risk of dislocating it again.

Rotator Cuff Tear: The rotator cuff is the set of muscles that move the shoulder. If one of the rotator cuff muscles is torn, people will notice profound weakness in that shoulder. Sometimes, this tear requires surgery.

Nerve Impingement: This can also happen following a serious accident. In some cases, the nerve can get pinched between the head of the humerus and the shoulder capsule. If the nerve becomes trapped, this can lead to severe pain. Some nerve impingements require surgery.

Without a doubt, many other issues could develop in the shoulder. Once a diagnosis is made, it is important to treat the injury appropriately.

Treatment of Shoulder Pain

If an individual has developed serious shoulder pain, the treatment will depend on the diagnosis. Some of the cornerstones of shoulder pain treatment include:

Pain Control: Typically, anti-inflammatory medicines can dull the pain. In some cases, opioids or narcotics could be required.

Shoulder Rehabilitation: For injuries that involve muscle strains, sprains, or weakness, rest and rehabilitation are important. The muscles around the shoulder will need time to heal. After this, they will need to be re-strengthened. This is where physical therapy is helpful.

Possible Surgery: Serious shoulder injuries could require surgery to repair the damage. Examples of injuries that might require surgery include rotator cuff tears, nerve injuries, and dislocations that cannot be reduced without an operation.

Watch YouTube Video: How to Fix Shoulder Pain Fast. The video below provides three basic exercises to help repair shoulder pain.

Contacting an Injury Attorney

When an individual has developed shoulder pain following a motor vehicle accident, some different possible injuries could have occurred. While some of these injuries might not require anything more than rest, some shoulder problems could require surgery. This can leave families wondering what they should do next. If this happens, it is essential to meet with a Sacramento personal injury attorney. Some of the ways that an injury attorney can help include:

  • Reviewing the records from the accident to make sure that nobody has missed any important details.
  • Speaking with various financial institutions to make sure that all bills are paid on time and that all benefits are properly disbursed.
  • Helping families make tough, objective decisions that can set them up for a successful recovery.
  • Moving a case to the courtroom when required.

Families should not have to face such a difficult situation alone. Reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in Sacramento today. You and your family might be owed a substantial financial reward.

Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys

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