Shoulder Dislocation with a Rotator Cuff Tear

 Shoulder Dislocation with a Rotator Cuff Tear

Shoulder Dislocation with a Rotator Cuff Tear

I’m Ed Smith, a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento. Many people enjoy riding motorcycles for the feeling of freedom that they provide. Unfortunately, bikes are also dangerous because of the lack of protection that they offer. When someone is involved in a motorcycle accident, serious injuries can result. Some of these are injuries to the shoulder.

A Case Report: Shoulder Dislocation with a Rotator Cuff Tear

Recently, a case report was published describing an unusual injury that occurred. A man was riding his motorcycle down the road late at night. A pack of deer started to cross the street. To avoid the animals, he laid down his bike on the pavement. His clothing snagged the pavement, and he flipped several times. EMS was called to the scene, and he was transported to a hospital for further evaluation. He was having trouble moving his right shoulder. Scans were completed that showed he had dislocated his right shoulder. This dislocation was further back on his shoulder, making it a serious injury. These dislocations are often only seen following seizures. Even harder to explain, he had torn his rotator cuff as well. He was taken to surgery to have his shoulder and rotator cuff repaired.

Not All Rotator Cuff Tears are the Same

Rotator cuff tears come in three different grades. The grade is significant because it dictates treatment options. They are:

Grade 1: slight damage that is typically less than a quarter of the thickness of the rotator cuff. Some people may elect to try and strengthen the muscles around the rotator cuff as an alternative to surgery.

Grade 2: is about half of the thickness of the rotator cuff. Some people who are competitive athletes may opt for surgical repair. Someone who doesn’t use their shoulder much at all may elect to try physical therapy before surgery.

Grade 3: is more than half of the thickness of the rotator cuff. This includes complete tears. Those with a grade 3 tear typically elect surgical repair to restore function to their shoulder.

Advice for Motorcycle Safety

When people are riding a motorcycle, safety needs to come first. To avoid a motorcycle accident, some safety tips include:

  • Helmet: Helmets are a must every time someone rides a motorcycle. They can prevent a traumatic brain injury, and the statistics prove this. Texas and Arkansas repealed their required motorcycle helmet laws and saw the number of fatal head injuries rise in their states by about 25 percent.
  • Weather: Slick roads make motorcycles extremely challenging to drive around corners. Snowstorms can reduce visibility. This increases the chance of an accident with traumatic injuries.
  • Darkness: Motorcycles only have one headlight, making them harder to see than cars. This is extremely important when it is dark outside. Riders should try to wear bright clothing so that they can be seen.
  • Defensive Driving: Driving defensively is vital while riding a motorcycle. Try to anticipate where and how an accident can occur to reduce collisions.
  • Education: It is always a good idea to hone motorcycle skills by taking extra classes. Checking out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a good idea. Riders can learn about evasive and emergency maneuvers to avoid an accident.

Help with Serious Injuries: Quality of Life

Once a joint has been dislocated, it is easier to disrupt in the future. Every time a joint dislocates, there is a chance that nerves and arteries can be damaged in the process. After a surgical repair, extensive rehabilitation is needed to rebuild the muscles in the arm. Because of this extended recovery, it can be a while before someone is able to return to work. This could mean a loss of income for the family during the recovery process. Families should ask for help when it is needed. Speaking with a compassionate personal injury attorney in Sacramento can help a family find answers. An experienced legal advisor can help someone make a decision that sets them up for a full recovery.

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