Shasta Lake Toxic Algae

Shasta Lake Toxic Algae

Shasta Lake Toxic Algae

Shasta Lake Toxic Algae

I’m Ed Smith, a Redding Personal Injury Attorney. There has been some shocking news that can change the summer hot spot for Northern California locals trying to enjoy the beauty and fun that Shasta Lake has to offer. Recently, Shasta Lake has been spotted with blue and green algae located at the Pit River Arm portion of the lake.

Central Valley Region Water Quality Control Board Public Announcement

The Central Valley Region Water Quality Control Board advises swimmers and dogs to avoid that specific area. The blue and green algae possess an appearance of paint-like streaks through the water. The water also has low visibility rates. Health risks such as flu and cold-like symptoms, liver failure, and other illnesses.

Shasta Lake Toxic Algae Testing Reports

There has been testing conducted in the Pit River Arm and officials have confirmed the appearance of cyanobacteria located past the “No Ski Buoys” which is found north of the Arbuckle Flat Campground. Toxin testing is still being conducted for Shasta Lake and has not yet been proven as toxic for the general public. Users and their dogs that will be at Shasta Lake are advised to take precaution and avoid contact with the waters nearby the Pit River Arm due to potential health risks. The blue and green algae can also appear in forms of foam of white or brown color, mats or scum that float on the surface of the water and build up on the shoreline. Air and lake currents can push the blue and green algae into the upper portion of the Pit River Arm.

Statewide Guidance Safety Precautions and Tips

The Statewide Guidance advises users of blue and green algae affected waters to take the following precautions and tips in order to avoid controllable health risks:

  • Avoid contact with the waters.
  • If your pet has made contact with the waters, be sure to wash them in clean water to remove the algae from their coats.
  • Do not consume, drink, or wash utensils with the water collected from the following areas as the toxins will still remain in the water regardless of water purification methods
  • Avoid consuming seafood collected from the following areas. If fish are eaten, remove insides, liver, and rinse remaining portions in cleanly water.
  • Seek immediate health care if you believe that you or your animal has sustained poisoning by the toxins of the blue and green algae. Make sure that you alert the medical personnel that you may have been in contact with the blue and green algae.

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