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SF Supe Advocates for Banning All Right Turns on Red Lights

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October 29, 2023
Edward Smith

Citywide Right-on-Red Ban Proposed by San Francisco Supe

In a move inspired by a desire to decrease traffic-related fatalities, San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston is working to improve road safety in the city by suggesting a citywide rule to prevent cars from making right turns at red lights. He’s inspired by the No Turn On Red (NTOR) policy, which has successfully reduced accidents in parts of the Tenderloin district.

Preston’s concerns stem from increased fatal car crashes across the city, particularly on accident-prone streets. Although these dangerous streets constitute only 12% of all the city’s roads, they are where over 68% of serious crashes occur.

Preston emphasized the necessity of using available resources promptly and wisely to reduce severe traffic injuries and deaths. He pointed to SFMTA data, which shows that 20% of injury accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists happen during right turns on red, reinforcing his proposal’s importance.

Rising Compliance and Reduction in Near-Miss Incidents

The No Turn On Red rule in the Tenderloin area looks like it’s working well according to the SFMTA study: most drivers (92%) are following it, there’s been a significant drop (80%) in near misses, and 70% fewer cars are blocking crosswalks during a red light. This info hints that spreading this rule all over the city could make our streets safer.

San Francisco aims to reach no traffic deaths by 2024, known as Vision Zero. However, road safety is still a significant concern because traffic accidents have already taken at least 16 lives this year.

Community Advocacy for Traffic Safety and Change

In the 1970s, the U.S. allowed right turns on red during the Oil Crisis to save fuel. Some places, like New York City, don’t allow it, while others, such as Seattle and Washington, DC, have limits.

City residents are also wanting to change the rules. The death of a young child in a crosswalk earlier this year has driven residents to push even harder for change. Nearly 5,000 letters have been sent to city officials, each one requesting a citywide rule against turning right on red lights, indicating a widespread desire for safer streets.

The Hazards of Careless Driving on California’s Roadways

Reckless driving on California roads presents a significant and multifaceted danger to all road users, including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The state’s varied terrain and bustling highways can be challenging to navigate, and irresponsible driving behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, and disregarding traffic signals exacerbate the risk of car accidents.

Furthermore, California hosts a multitude of urban and rural environments, each presenting unique challenges that require focused and cautious driving. In urban settings, the confluence of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicular traffic necessitates a heightened awareness, while in rural and mountainous areas, winding roads and unexpected obstacles demand attentive navigation.

Steps to Take Following an Accident with a Careless Driver

In the immediate aftermath of an accident caused by a negligent driver, safeguarding one’s health is essential. Prioritize calling emergency services to ensure medical and law enforcement assistance is en route. Even if injuries appear minor, seeking professional medical evaluation is crucial, as some symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Concurrently, document the scene with photographs and gather contact information from witnesses to provide a comprehensive account of the incident.

It’s also crucial to contact an injury attorney who can guide you through the subsequent legal processes. Navigating through insurance claims and potential litigation can be intricate, and professional advice can be indispensable in ensuring you’re adequately compensated for your medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and any associated trauma or suffering from the incident.

Watch the video below to discover how our legal team can assist you, offering a detailed overview of our services.

San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer

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