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Sexual Assault in Cannabis Clinic

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September 25, 2017
Edward Smith

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Sexual Assault Lawyer. The physician accused of raping his patient at a local Cannabis Clinic in 2015, Dr. Logan Ford, has been convicted on charges of sexual assault and now awaits sentencing.

What Happened?

In March of 2015 a Sacramento woman was sexually assaulted at a medical marijuana evaluation clinic on Watt Avenue.  The attending doctor during the woman’s visit has now been convicted of forcible rape and two counts of sexual exploitation of a patient, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

Doctors Who Abuse

Physicians are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, a promise to do no harm. A doctor who fails to live up to this ideal has violated his patient’s trust, the law, and the recognition of the licensing board. Such a doctor may have acted negligently by misdiagnosing or mistreating a disease, making an avoidable mistake that results in a new injury, failing to obtain consent, or in this case criminal sexual assault. One particularly at risk group are older people and nursing home residents.

Speak Out

Medical Doctors are some of the most highly esteemed professionals in our society. Doctors are given a lot of trust and authority for their position- these qualities promote an inequity between them and their patients. When a doctor abuses a patient, survivors are often hesitant to report the crime out of fear, and may mistrust medical professionals as a result of their abuse. If you or someone you love has been sexually assaulted, it is important to speak out.

Reporting Crimes

Anyone that has been sexually assaulted should seek medical treatment and report the incident to authorities. While the prospect of being examined by a doctor after suffering such a traumatic event is intimidating for most, being assaulted by a doctor can make seeking treatment after an assault that much more difficult.

It is important to remember that the vast majority of medical professionals honorably uphold their oath to do no harm and care deeply for the well-being of their patients. An exam by a trained medical professional will be able to help treat a person’s injuries and also collect evidence should the victim decide to report the crime. Survivors are sometimes hesitant to report sexual assaults for a variety of reasons including emotional trauma, fear of reprisals, and feelings of guilt or shame. There are no laws preventing you from reporting your attack and no time limit to report in California. Survivors of sexual assault can wait and use the evidence collected by doctors after the attack to press charges months later.

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