Scapula Fractures Following Car Accidents


Scapula Fractures Following Car Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Bone Fracture Lawyer. A common traumatic injury after a car accident or motorcycle accident is bone fractures. Fractures of the scapula, or more commonly known as the shoulder blade, are not very common since it takes a considerable amount of force or high-energy impact to break this bone. Following an automobile accident if you are seriously injured with a fracture of the scapula there is valuable information below for you to read about this traumatic injury.

About the Scapula

The scapula or shoulder blade is a triangular shaped bone located between the spinal cord and the shoulder on the upper back. It is well protected by muscles. These muscles support the arm and back movement and are very strong. With significant impact or trauma, such as an car accident, even this well-supported bone can break and be very painful.

Motorcycles and Car Accidents

Like, as already mentioned above, fractures of the scapula take place most often following serious motorcycle or car accidents. The most common symptom following an accident if you have a fracture to the scapula is extreme pain. This is considered a traumatic injury and usually results in a high degree of pain.

High-Energy Trauma

High-energy trauma only means that a blunt force or traumatic impact came upon you for this injury to occur and usually creates a more complex or complicated injury and recovery process.  A very high fall could also make a significant scapula fracture. Other areas of the body usually are injured as well when the scapula has been affected. This includes injuries or fractures to the surrounding areas of the shoulder such as the collarbone or clavicle, ribs, lungs, and even the head or spinal cord which would have other very serious consequences.

Examination and Treatment

After an accident, it is crucical to obtain prompt medical treatment. A doctor will examine the area by taking x-rays and evaluating the extent of the fracture. There are nonsurgical or surgical treatments depending on the complexity of the injury.


If the injury is not complex, a simple sling will be used to stabilize the shoulder. As the pain improves, the sling can be taken off and simple exercises can commence. This process may take up to a year to fully heal.


When fractures of the scapula are very serious, such as when they are completely displaced, surgery will be required. During surgery plates and screws may be needed to stabilize the bone for healing. This recovery process may be longer and more complex with multiple surgeries if needed.

Pain Management

Long-term recovery focuses on pain management and frequent follow-up with your doctor. There are many different therapies and medication that can help with the pain. Along with pain management rehabilitation will be a major factor in recovery. Make sure you receive the help you need if you have suffered a scapula fracture.

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