Santa Rosa Dump Truck Accident Injures Six

Santa Rosa Dump Truck Accident Injures Six
Santa Rosa Dump Truck Accident Injures Six

I’m Ed Smith, a Napa personal injury lawyer. On Monday, February 5, 2018, an accident involving a dump truck and at least eight other vehicles left six individuals with injuries that ranged in severity from serious to minor.

Accident Details

Lt. Ryan Corcoran of the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD) reported that the collision occurred at approximately 9:30 in the morning at the intersection of Fountaingrove Parkway and Mendocino Avenue, in the middle of an area that was hit hard by the wildfires of October of last year. Reports indicate that the accident occurred as the result of a dump truck with failing brakes that was headed toward a busy intersection. Witnesses say that the dump truck driver attempted to swerve away from the intersection, but was unable to redirect the vehicle in time.

The dump truck allegedly initially collided with a Ford pickup truck which struck a Ford Explorer in turn. The chain reaction ultimately involved 9 vehicles altogether. Photos taken at the scene of the accident show major damages sustained by several of the involved vehicles.


After emergency responders arrived at the scene of the traumatic accident, several individuals were found to have received injuries and at least one individual required extrication with assistance from the jaws of life. Six injured individuals were taken to a nearby hospital by ground ambulances and medical officials later reported that two of the injured persons received major trauma as a result of the crash.

A Good Samaritan

One local man, Larry Broderick of Fountaingrove, has been called a hero after his efforts to help the individuals after the accident. Broderick had been driving to work when the crash occurred directly behind him just after he cleared the intersection. After narrowly avoided being involved in the collision, Broderick immediately began to remove people from their burning vehicles.

Broderick told reporters that, despite comments made by other witnesses of the accident, he doesn’t consider himself a hero, noting that “when someone is going to die burning, you do what you need to do.”


California Highway Patrol (CHP) closed the busy intersection for multiple hours while they worked to investigate the accident. While a complete report is currently unavailable, it has been reported that the main accident factor appears to have been the dump truck’s malfunctioning brakes. It remains possible that other factors such as distraction, roadway defects, or fatigued driving were also involved.

Auto Products Liability

When a faulty vehicle part is at fault for an accident, the manufacturer, retailer, and/or seller of the faulty part can usually be held responsible to pay for injuries and damages that the accident caused. When this occurs, we call it a “products liability case.” To learn more about products liability lawsuits, you can visit my website.

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