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Santa Barbara Two Vehicle Crash on SR 101


Santa Barbara Two Vehicle Crash on SR 101

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara car accident lawyer.  A two-vehicle crash on June 1 along California State Route 101 caused at least one injury, but details are sketchy.

What Happened

The accident occurred near where the highway crosses Las Positas Road when a Subaru and Honda collided. According to reports, emergency personnel were called to the crash site and discovered an injured person. No further details are available as of the time of this report. The accident is being investigated as to whose fault it was and why it happened.

Causes of Crashes

The National Safety Council, in its preliminary report for 2016, states that up to 40,000 individuals died in 2016 as a result of motor vehicle accidents. It represents a 6-percent rise over 2015 and 14-percent rise over 2014. This is the highest percentage increase over a two-year period since 1964. Injuries from motor vehicle accidents in 2016 that were severe enough to necessitate medical attention are estimated at 4.6 million.

Survey Respondents

The NSC conducted a driver safety poll to determine risky behaviors by drivers. Safety, although expressed as a concern by 83-percent of drivers who responded, does not seem to translate into their own driving habits. Sixty-four percent said they drive over the speed limit, and 47 percent said they access their cell phones while driving. Added to that, 13 percent said they drove after using marijuana and 10 percent said they drove after consuming alcohol, even though they thought they had drunk too much.

Common Injuries Suffered in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries can vary, depending on the severity of the accident, speed when the crash occurred and other factors. However, the most serious injuries tend to be traumatic brain injuries. This can happen when the driver or passenger hits their head against something inside the vehicle, such as the dash or steering wheel. Spinal cord damage can range from paralysis to reduced sensation and problems with bodily function. Chest injuries can cause internal bleeding, fractured ribs, organ damage or even a collapsed lung. Other injuries can include broken bones. This type of injury can be accompanied by damage to ligaments, risk of infection if it is an open-type wound and other complications. When an accident victim suffers an injury because of another’s negligent actions, that’s when a lawyer with extensive experience in personal injuries can assist.


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