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Safety Corridor and Accidents

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October 19, 2017
Edward Smith

Safety Corridor and Accidents

Safety Corridor and Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Eureka car accident lawyer. Those who drive in the Eureka area usually need to drive along the safety corridor. This is a stretch of Highway 101 between Eureka and Arcata. It has a reduced speed limit of 50 miles per hour. The reduced speed limit is meant to reduce accidents occurring between vehicles traveling along any of the six intersections in the corridor.

Residents are familiar with the high rate of dangerous auto accidents that happen on this stretch of highway. Locals have offered some explanations as to why they believe this area is so dangerous. These reasons, as well as some ways to avoid accidents while using this roadway, are included below.


Although the reduced speed limit is meant to make it easier for cars to cross the highway’s intersections, motorists wanting to cross still need to pay close attention and wait for ample clearance before crossing. The high rate of traffic and fast moving vehicles means that drivers are often forced to wait for a very long time before they have an opportunity to safely cross. Because of this, locals have noted, drivers often dart across the road in their inpatience.

Quick Speed-Up

Those entering the highway from intersections often need to speed their vehicles up to 50 miles per hour very quickly in order to match the speed of traffic. Many vehicles aren’t able to speed up quickly enough and highway drivers often need to slow down suddenly or change lanes very quickly in order to avoid drivers entering the freeway, which often contributes to accidents.


One problem that residents have complained about is drivers going the same speed on both lanes of the highway, making it impossible for faster traffic to pass vehicles on the left. According to some, the problem of vehicles driving directly next to each other also makes it impossible for motorists entering the highway to see an adequate distance down the road, making it even more difficult for cars to know when to safely enter the roadway.

Staying Safe

Although residents of both Arcata and Eureka have suggested building overpasses along the safety corridor in order to alleviate these problems, there are a few things that drivers can do to reduce the risk of accidents without waiting for changes in infrastructure.

For instance, those waiting to cross or enter the highway should do their best to be patient. It’s good to remember that no matter how long it might take to wait for a safe moment to cross or enter, it will always take longer to deal with the consequences of an accident.

Drivers should stay in the right lane if they are driving under the speed limit so that faster traffic can safely and predictably maneuver ahead of you.

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