Sacramento Two-Vehicle Crash Knocks Down Pole

Accident on Power Inn Road Causes Minor Injuries

A two-vehicle crash on June 30 in Sacramento ended up causing major damage to both vehicles and knocked down a phone pole. The accident occurred along northbound Power Inn Road just north of Scottsdale Drive shortly before 4:00 p.m. The accident report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the incident involved two sedans and that debris was strewn across all the northbound lanes. 

Accident Being Investigated to Determine Fault

Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene, and a work crew was summoned to replace the pole. Minor injuries were reported in the two-vehicle crash. The accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine which driver was at fault for the collision.

Accidents in Commercial or Residential Areas

There are many ways a two-vehicle crash can occur in a commercial or residential area. Usually, one of the drivers has committed an error or has been negligent. If injuries occur in these types of accidents, the injured party may be able to recover compensation by filing a claim against the at-fault party. Most of these collisions occur for one of the following reasons:

  • One driver pulls out of a store parking lot without looking for oncoming traffic.
  • A driver makes a turn at the intersection and either continues on into the wrong lane or doesn’t notice another vehicle turning.
  • A speeding driver strikes another vehicle in a rear-end collision.
  • One motorist decides to change lanes and does so unsafely, causing a sideswipe accident.
  • A distracted driver is texting or changing their radio station and doesn’t look up until it’s too late to avoid a two-vehicle crash.

Determine Fault in a Two-Vehicle Crash

Because an accident can happen in a number of ways and negligence has to be proved in order for a client to obtain compensation, the injury lawyer holds an investigation to collect evidence. By doing so, he/she can build a strong case. Evidence is collected differently, depending on the type of two-vehicle crash, but common areas of investigation include:

  • Performing accident reconstruction
  • Interviewing the witnesses
  • Checking the police report for errors
  • Examining surveillance cameras for footage of the two-vehicle crash
  • Looking for signs of road negligence such as mistimed lights, missing signage and others

Compensation That Can Be Recovered in an Injury Accident

Those who are injured by negligence in California may claim the following damages:

  • Any medical expenses that occur because of your injuries caused by the two-vehicle crash are recoverable. In addition to hospital bills, ambulance fee, medications, tests, physician bills and rehabilitation, even out-of-pocket expenses can be claimed. Those last expenses include the cost of trips to your physician or for physical rehabilitation.
  • Wages that were lost by the injured person because they could not work can be recovered. In many cases, the injured party used their vacation time or sick leave. Those losses are recoverable too. If the injury is expected to continue, those additional losses are factored into the settlement.
  • Recovery of compensation for pain and suffering reimburses the injured person for what they went through. 

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