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Sacramento Truck Rollover Accident Spills Load of Milk

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August 02, 2019
Edward Smith

Sacramento Truck Rollover Accident Spills Load of Milk

A tanker truck that was transporting milk experienced a rollover accident in South Sacramento recently, spilling most of its contents. The incident resulted in the closure of East Stockton Boulevard northbound, which is near Mack Road, to traffic. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened shortly after 8:00 a.m. near the Highway 99 ramps. A heavy-duty tow truck was summoned to the scene to upright the truck. It took about two and a half hours for the South Sacramento road to reopen. 

Compensation After a Truck Accident Injury

Big trucks, because of their large size and heavyweight, often result in serious injuries and fatalities when involved in a collision, especially in a rollover accident. Proving negligence is also much more complex. This is why enlisting the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer is necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve. A lawyer checks for errors on the police report and interviews witnesses but takes many other stops toward proving your case. Our investigators head to the accident site immediately to search for additional evidence and perform accident reconstruction. Road evidence such as skid marks can provide important information on whether the offending driver attempted to stop or not. Traffic videos are an important source of evidence as well as cameras operated by nearby businesses or residences. By canvassing door-to-door, other witnesses to the collision may be found. 

Negligence by Truck Drivers

Truck drivers and the companies that employ them may be held financially liable if an accident occurs due to negligence. Some types of negligence found in truck accidents include:

  • Lack of training: A poorly trained driver may have difficulty handling a big rig, including causing a rollover accident.
  • Overscheduling: A driver who spends too many hours on the road can suffer from fatigue or fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Poor maintenance: Maintenance problems such as not replacing worn tires or brakes can lead to a rollover accident.
  • Taking a downgrade too fast: Going downhill without slowing first can cause a big rig to lose control. 
  • Speeding: Speeding is a common cause of a rollover accident. In many cases, the driver is going over the speed limit due to company pressure or to make deliveries faster.
  • Distracted driving: Being on the road for long hours leads to boredom, so drivers may be tempted to text while driving and other behaviors that can lead to a rollover accident.
  • Drug use or drunk driving: While drunk driving is seldom a cause of accidents in big rigs, drug use is fairly common. Most drugs used are either over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento truck accident lawyer. There are many ways in which negligence by a truck driver can lead to injuries to others. When this happens, having an experienced lawyer by your side can help you obtain fair compensation to pay for your losses. You can reach me at (916) 921-6400 in the Sacramento area for my free and friendly advice. Others in Northern California can connect with me toll-free at (800) 404-5400. An online form is also available at for your convenience.

During my 37 years working as an injury lawyer, I’ve helped numerous Sacramento residents get fair compensation for their accident injuries. In addition to truck accidents, I handle many other types of injuries, including wrongful deaths and all varieties of traffic collisions.

I am a member of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. Members are chosen for this association because of their high standards of excellence. In addition, I belong to the Million Dollar Forum. Members are those who have won more than $1 million for a prior client.

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