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Sacramento Traumatic Motorcycle Accident Injury

Sacramento Traumatic Motorcycle Accident Injury

Sacramento Traumatic Motorcycle Accident Injury

Sacramento Traumatic Motorcycle Accident Injury – Local motor vehicle crashes with bikers often end in a Sacramento traumatic motorcycle accident injury. The riders of motorcycles also die much more often in collisions with motor vehicles than those inside a car or truck. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the likelihood of a fatality to a motorcyclist who is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle is 27 times higher. This makes it important that both motorcycle riders and motorists use extra caution to avoid unnecessary injuries and deaths.

Reducing the Risk of a Sacramento Traumatic Motorcycle Accident Injury

Using safety measures to prevent accidents is the responsibility of everyone who shares the nation’s streets, roads and highways. This is particularly true when safeguarding those who are more vulnerable such as motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Esurance, along with many other sites, offers some practical, safe driving tips for motorists when they are near a motorcyclist:

  • Keep a close eye on those blind spots. Because motorcycles are smaller, they can be more difficult for a motorist to spot. Spend several seconds scanning your side-view mirror before making a lane change in case a motorcyclist is hiding in your blind spot to help avoid a Sacramento traumatic motorcycle accident injury.
  • Keep your distance when behind a motorcycle. Because motorcycle riders are subject to more serious injuries than those in a vehicle, a rear-end collision can be deadly. Giving a motorcyclist extra space can help keep them safe if the rider has to slow down or suddenly stop.
  • Don’t try to crowd a motorcyclist out of his or her lane. Motorcyclists have the same rights as drivers of motor vehicles.
  • Use extra caution in intersections. Obey traffic signals, don’t run red lights or stop signs and proceed cautiously to avoid a traumatic motorcycle accident injury.
  • Use caution and slow down when passing a motorcycle. Vehicles passing motorcycles can create air turbulence that might unbalance a motorcycle.
  • Keep weather conditions in mind. Rain, snow, and fog can reduce visibility for both bike riders and motorists. This makes cars and motorcycles harder to handle. Keep this in mind when driving near a motorcyclist.
  • Watch for approaching motorcycles when turning left. This is where many accidents occur. Many motorists, following a collision, admit they never saw the motorcycle.

Sacramento Traumatic Motorcycle Accident Injury Compensation

When a negligent driver has injured a rider, an experienced injury lawyer can help them obtain reasonable compensation. This is intended to cover the financial damage caused by the accident and injury, including medical bills and lost time at work. Noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering can also be recovered. In this way, the injured person can concentrate on getting better without the added financial worries.

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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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