Sacramento Traffic Crash Shuts Down Exposition Boulevard Off-Ramp

S.R. 51 Traffic Crash Involves Rollover That Starts Fire

A Sacramento traffic crash along Elvas Freeway on September 3 injured at least one person. The accident involved two or three vehicles around 4:48 pm., including a Honda Civic and Ford Fusion. It occurred along southbound S.R. 51 at the Exposition Boulevard off-ramp, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

One Driver Alleged to Have Been Driving at High Speed

One of the drivers was allegedly going in and out of the lanes at high speed, which may have contributed to the collision. A rollover occurred in one of the vehicles that reportedly caused major roof damage. The vehicle ended up over on the right-hand side, but all parties inside were able to get out. 

At Least One Injury Reported in Traffic Crash

The car quickly became engulfed in flames, which caught the grass on fire. Police closed off the Exposition Boulevard off-ramp due to the accident. At least one person was transported to Sutter Roseville Medical Center for a complaint of neck pain

Accident Cause Under Investigation

By 5:32 p.m. all of the freeway lanes had reopened, however, the ramp remained closed while the scene was cleared. An investigation is underway by the CHP to determine which driver caused the traffic crash and to assign fault. 

Determining the Cause of a Traffic Crash

When someone has been injured in a traffic collision, they may want to consider placing a claim to recover compensation if another motorist or entity was at fault. A personal injury lawyer can help by investigating a collision to determine its cause, building a strong case to support the client’s claim to recover damages and calculating their losses. Our accident attorneys have been successful many times in handling these types of cases, which is an important consideration when you’re seeking help.

The Dangers of Rollovers

Rollovers are among the most dangerous types of accidents. Those inside the vehicle are not only subject to more serious injuries but may be ejected, which is frequently fatal. In addition, because airbags deflate and seat belts may not be strong enough to hold, passengers may strike against metal parts of the vehicle or be injured by flying glass. Rollovers commonly cause traumatic injuries. 

Roof Crush in a Rollover Increases the Danger

Automakers are required to build their vehicles to keep the roofs intact, which means they have to support 3.5 times the weight of the vehicle. However, not all manufacturers adhere to this standard. Because roof crush reduces the available survivability space inside a vehicle, it can increase the risk of fatalities. Severe consequences are also more likely to happen such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, abdominal trauma, bone fractures and amputations. Retaining the vehicle after a traffic crash is vital, so it can be examined for roof crush so that an auto product liability claim may be placed against the manufacturer and others.

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