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December 29, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident at Marconi Avenue Intersection Involves Serious Rollover

A traffic collision in Sacramento on December 26 between three vehicles caused a major head injury to one person. The crash happened at the intersection of Marconi Avenue and Herbert Way around 11:32 a.m. One of the vehicles involved in the crash overturned onto its roof, and the party was stuck inside and had to be extricated, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Patient With Serious Head Injury Transported to UC Davis

The patient was exported to UC Davis Medical Center with a serious head injury following the traffic collision. Both the westbound lanes from Yellowstone were closed to traffic while the scene was cleared and an investigation into the cause of the crash was conducted by authorities.

How Intersection Accidents Contribute to a Rollover

Intersection accidents are one of the leading causes of rollover on our roads. When two vehicles collide at an intersection, the force of impact can cause a vehicle to tip over or even flip completely. This type of accident is particularly dangerous because it can cause serious injury and death to drivers and passengers alike. 

Force of Impact Can Lead to a Rollover in a Traffic Collision

When two vehicles collide at an intersection, the force of impact is likely to cause one or both of the cars to spin. If a vehicle spins too quickly, it could lose control and flip over onto its roof or side. This is particularly likely when one of the vehicles is traveling at a higher speed than the other. The vehicle’s weight can also play a role in such accidents; heavier vehicles are more likely to roll over than lighter vehicles.

In addition, the angle at which a car hits another can also be a factor in a rollover. If a vehicle travels at an angle when it collides with another, it could cause the other car to roll over by pushing off its tires and taking away its stability. 

Risk of Roof Crush in a Rollover Traffic Collision

Another very serious consequence of a rollover traffic collision is roof crush. This occurs when the roof of a vehicle collapses inward due to the excessive force of impact from another vehicle or object during the crash process, trapping and crushing passengers and drivers inside. Roof crush can be especially dangerous in vehicles with weak roof structures, such as SUVs and minivans, due to their higher center of gravity.

Recovering Injury Compensation Following a Traffic Collision

Serious car accidents can cause significant head injuries that require long-term medical attention and potentially lifelong care. The cost of treatment, lost wages and other damages associated with such an injury can be overwhelming for the injured party or their family. That is why recovering compensation following a serious car accident injury is so important. Working with an experienced lawyer can help those who have suffered serious injuries receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Car Accident Attorneys in Sacramento

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