Sacramento Traffic Accident Involves Box Truck

Collision on SR 99 Causes Minor Injuries in Two-Vehicle Crash

A traffic accident injury was reported in a collision between a box truck and a car in Sacramento on February 15. The accident happened around 3:22 p.m. along southbound State Route 99 just north of the Sutterville Road off-ramp. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived at the scene to find a Mercedes E500 and box truck along the right-hand side of the road. 

Fire Department Responders Arrive to Assess Injuries

Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess injuries in the crash. It was determined that minor injuries had occurred. Information was not provided on whether anyone was transported to a hospital for additional care. At least one of the vehicles had to be towed from the scene. The CHP is investigating the crash to determine the cause and assign fault. 

Factors that Lead to a Traffic Accident

Accidents involving two vehicles are among the most common and can be caused by a number of factors. In most cases, driver error is responsible, but some are caused by other things, such as a problem with the vehicle or poor road maintenance. Here are some of the more common causes of this type of collision:

  • One of the main causes of accidents is driving while distracted. There is a momentary hesitation to react in an emergency when distracted by activities such as texting, changing the radio station or conversing with passengers while driving.
  • Traffic collisions of all types are caused largely by speeding. An accident is very likely to happen if a driver is speeding because they can lose control of their vehicle and require a longer distance to stop.
  • Many people are working swing shifts or holding down multiple jobs, making fatigued driving more common. The actions of a fatigued driver behind the wheel of a car are similar to that of an intoxicated motorist. They can drift out of their lane, have problems focusing on what they are doing and may fall asleep.
  • Although efforts have been made to curb drunk driving, it still poses a threat to drivers and others. Drunk drivers are unable to maintain a steady speed. They weave in and out of their traffic lane, and the majority of head-on collisions are caused by them.

Investigating a Traffic Accident

Obtaining fair compensation for an injured client from the party at fault is the goal of an injury lawyer. During an investigation, they gather evidence that will be used to support the plaintiff’s injury claim. They may use the following strategies to uncover that evidence:

  • Accident reconstruction is conducted by investigators. If you show where the vehicles were before the collision, how the crash occurred, and where they hit and ended up, it can indicate which driver caused the accident.
  • A review of the police report is done, as well as interviews with witnesses to the traffic accident.
  • To determine if the collision was recorded on video, investigators examine business or traffic cameras in the area. This evidence can be requested by subpoena if it is relevant to the client’s claim for compensation.

To help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve, our injury lawyers take the gathered evidence and use it to build a strong case. For many years, we have been successful at handling these claims.

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