Sacramento Solo Vehicle Crash Causes Minor Injuries

Vehicle Exits Roadway on Cap City Freeway, Causing Injuries

A Sacramento solo vehicle crash on the Cap City Freeway caused an injury on August 11. The incident occurred along northbound State Route 51 just south of the Fulton Avenue off-ramp around 6:53 in the morning in the Del Paso Park area. The driver of a Honda Civic struck a pole and went off the roadway into a ditch about 30 feet off the roadway, according to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Accident Investigation Conducted to Determine Cause of Solo Vehicle Crash

A wrecker had to be called to the scene to bring the vehicle back up to the roadway. However, the driver was able to exit their vehicle, and medics with the Sacramento Fire Department determined that only minor injuries were suffered. An investigation is underway by CHP detectives to determine what caused the driver to lose control.

Reasons for a Solo Vehicle Crash

Traffic accidents involving single vehicles are common and occur for a wide range of reasons. Most of them can be attributed to driver error, such as the boredom of commuting to work every morning and home at night. This familiarity with taking the same route day after day and at the same time can place a driver into a state where they seem to do it automatically. The problem is if anything outside the usual occurs, they can end up in a serious traffic accident. Below are some of the scenarios where a solo vehicle crash can occur:

  • Traffic is fairly light at an early hour, so the driver speeds to get to work sooner.
  • The motorist runs a red light but has to hit the brakes when he/she discovers other vehicles entering the intersection, and it results in a solo vehicle crash.
  • The driver is texting, sending an email or is distracted in another way and looks up to see an accident about to occur. By overcorrecting, they end up in a solo vehicle crash.
  • A driver who was up late the night before drifts off behind the wheel of their car and ends up causing a single-vehicle accident.
  • A defect in the auto that causes a blowout or brake failure causes the driver to lose control, resulting in a solo vehicle crash. An auto product liability claim can be filed against the manufacturer.
  • A large pothole in the street that wasn’t mended by the government entity in charge causes a driver to lose control and crash. The government entity can be held responsible, but the statute of limitations to file is only six months. Getting help from an injury lawyer is recommended to meet the deadlines involved.

Get Help From an Accident Attorney 

When a solo vehicle crash occurs, there can be many causes. An accident attorney can determine why the collision occurred and help the injured party in filing a personal injury claim.

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