Sacramento Single-Vehicle Crash Injures Driver Near Park

Sacramento Single-Vehicle Crash Injures Driver Near Park

In an accident involving a single vehicle on November 8, a driver was injured after striking the concrete entrance at Willowood Park in Sacramento. The accident was reported at about 5:11 in the afternoon at Iona Way and Summer Sunset Drive, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The male driver was discovered lying on the ground by emergency rescue personnel who arrived at the scene. The CHP is investigating the accident to determine how it happened. It was not reported whether the accident involved either alcohol or drugs.

Single-Vehicle Crashes

Although the majority of single-vehicle accidents are caused by driver error, not all of them are. According to the American Automobile Association, accidents involving only one vehicle have a much higher rate of fatalities than other types of crashes. This happens because many of these accidents are run-off road crashes and can involve striking a tree or other object at high speed or being involved in a rollover, which has a high injury and fatality rate. When negligence caused the accident, the injured person can seek financial compensation with the help of an experienced lawyer. Some types of negligence where the injured party may claim compensation include:

  • Aggressive drivers or road rage: In these types of accidents, the aggressive driver may taunt another with their vehicle by coming too close, tailgating, or cutting in front of another motorist. In such cases, the aggressive driver may force another motorist off the road and then flee the accident scene. Nearby traffic cameras and witnesses may help provide proof of this type of single-vehicle accident.
  • Flying or falling objects: An object that falls from a passenger vehicle or truck instantly becomes a danger for another motorist. The sudden appearance of a large object in the roadway or flying through the air can make a driver lose control of their vehicle.
  • Defects in the vehicle: A tire blowout or separated tread, brake, steering, or accelerator failure or another defect can end up causing a vehicle accident with a stationary object. This type of accident falls under products liability, and the manufacturer and others can be held liable for any injuries.
  • Road negligence or poor design: The design of a roadway and upkeep are important to keep the driver safe. If the road has cracks, upheavals, potholes, or other signs of a lack of maintenance, the government entity in charge of upkeep may be held responsible. In addition, obscured signs, non-functioning traffic lights, and other conditions may cause a single-vehicle accident.

Why Help Is Needed From a Lawyer

An experienced lawyer has the wherewithal and skill to collect the evidence needed to build a case that negligence on the part of the at-fault driver caused your injury. Investigators are quickly sent to the accident scene to look over the police report for errors and talk to witnesses. Evidence can be compiled by using accident reconstruction techniques, looking for government negligence in the form of poor maintenance or design, and checking for nearby traffic cameras. Footage of the accident might be found not only at intersections and along roadways but from nearby businesses and witnesses. When the investigation is complete, our lawyers go to work to build a strong case in your favor. The compiled evidence is useful both in negotiating with the insurance company and building a strong case to present in civil court.

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