Sacramento Scooter Accident Causes Injuries

Sacramento Scooter Accident Causes Injuries

On November 8, a scooter accident involving a motor vehicle occurred along Power Inn Road in the parking lot of Sam’s Club in Sacramento. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) report stated that the accident occurred around 2:50 p.m. The rider was injured in the crash, which broke the scooter, and emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived at the scene to assess the medical injuries. The vehicle involved in the crash fled the scene following the scooter accident. The CHP is investigating to locate the driver, who faces charges of hit and run.

Injuries in a Scooter Accident

Someone riding a scooter is vulnerable to injuries in a traffic accident just as bicycle riders and pedestrians are. However, because they are economical, handy for short trips and fun, they are becoming more and more popular. Negligent drivers who harm the rider of a scooter are responsible for their expenses such as pain and suffering, medical costs and time off work, and collisions can cause severe injuries. Having a lawyer by your side who is experienced in scooter collisions can be invaluable to get the compensation you deserve. Injuries can include:

  • Road rash is a friction burn or abrasion caused by the skin’s contact with the pavement in a scooter accident. Most of these types of injuries heal well, except care must be taken to avoid infection at the site.
  • Traumatic head injuries occur if the skull makes contact with the vehicle or pavement. These injuries can be serious and cause permanent damage.
  • Spinal cord damage can occur in a scooter accident with a motor vehicle, which is caused by the impact of the collision.
  • Broken bones are common, and the severity of the break can affect the outcome and time period for healing.
  • Facial lacerations can cause permanent scarring or disfigurement.
  • Abdominal injuries may include internal bleeding or organ damage.
  • Chest trauma may range from bruising to a punctured lung or heart damage.

Paying for Injuries in a Hit and Run

An experienced lawyer can be of great help in locating a hit and run driver. By working with police and conducting their own investigation, it may be possible to find the perpetrator. However, insurance can also be used to pay for the damages if the driver cannot be located. This is through uninsured motorist coverage, which is offered to all California drivers. This type of protection covers all types of traffic injuries, even for bicyclists and pedestrians. However, if the injured person is not a vehicle owner and another family member in the household carries uninsured motorist protection, the injuries are covered. One big benefit of this type of insurance is that premiums do not go up when it is used.

Seeking Help From an Experienced Lawyer

A seasoned lawyer can help you get the damages you need to pay for your medical bills, lost time at work, and pain and suffering when an accident was the result of another’s negligence. Our investigators go right away to the accident scene to gather evidence. They begin by looking over the police report for inaccuracies and talking to eyewitnesses. Cameras located at intersections, parking lots, along roadways and at nearby businesses can provide valuable evidence on how the accident occurred and who was at fault. In some cases, accident reconstruction may be necessary to prove fault, and whether a driver attempted to stop or not. In other cases, negligence by a government entity may have contributed to a crash because a traffic light wasn’t working, a stop sign was obscured by tree limbs or for other reasons. Once the investigation is complete, the information is handed over to our lawyers, who can use it to negotiate with the insurance company or prepare a strong case for court.

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