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Sacramento Rollover Accident Causes Injuries on On-Ramp

Injuries Reported in 12th Street On-Ramp Rollover Crash

A rollover accident resulting in an injury occurred in Sacramento on September 7 after two drivers collided on a highway on-ramp. The accident happened around noon on the 12th Street on-ramp to northbound State Route 99. According to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident involved a Subaru Forester and Chevy sedan. However, it was not revealed which vehicle experienced the rollover. 

Additional Details of the Rollover Accident

Traffic was blocked from using the on-ramp while a tow truck righted the vehicle, which was on its roof, and an investigation was conducted into the cause of the incident. At least one person was transported to a nearby hospital with injuries. The on-ramp was cleared for traffic about 20 minutes after the accident occurred.

Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Each year, roughly 10,000 people die in the 280,000 rollovers that occur nationwide. The frequency of rollovers has increased in the last decade and is thought to be a consequence of the rising number of SUVs and pickup trucks on the road.

What Increases the Risk of Rollover?

Rollovers are related to the vehicle’s stability when turning. The center of gravity and the width between the tires horizontally are major factors regulating stability. The higher the center of gravity and the more narrow the track width, the greater the risk for a rollover. This risk, often seen in SUVs and pickups, is greatest in tall, narrow vehicles when a driver makes a fast turn or changes direction quickly. Driving in a steady, careful manner can help avoid a rollover accident.

Single-Vehicle Rollovers

Single-vehicle rollovers are most common and are usually not caused by a sharp change in directions or rounding a curve. Instead, in a single-vehicle rollover accident, the tires usually trip on something such as soft dirt, a curb or a pothole. This sets in motion the lateral forces that lead to a rollover. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 95 percent of all rollovers are tripped. 

Tire Grip Can Cause a Rollover

Tires that grip the road are generally regarded as increasing safety when driving. However, too much grip can lead to a rollover, especially in an SUV. This is because the greater the grip, the more sideways forces increase and rollovers occur.

Recently, SUV manufacturers have started to decrease tire grip to minimize such lateral forces. This is a complicated issue since decreasing tire grip can make it more difficult to stop and reduce the vehicle’s ability to stay upright. Without tires that grip the road, driving in inclement weather would be far more dangerous.

Performance Tires

The addition of performance tires can also create a more lateral grip than tires intended to be used with the vehicle. Because of this, the risk of rollover is heightened when drivers make sharp turns or sudden moves.

Crushed Roof

According to federal standards, the roof of a vehicle under 5,000 pounds should be able to withstand 3 times the weight of the car or light truck to avoid roof crush. If the manufacturer fails to adhere to this regulation, the roof will be unable to support the weight of the vehicle, and it will crash down onto the occupants during a rollover accident. The lack of roof integrity causes serious injuries and fatalities. A product liability claim can be made against the manufacturer.

Investigating a Rollover Accident

As with other personal injury cases, acquiring evidence is crucial to the outcome. We send our investigators to the scene of the accident to interview witnesses, obtain videos from traffic surveillance cameras and other sources as well as review the police report for mistakes. Our investigators determine why the crash happened using accident reconstruction and examine the vehicle to see if roof crush occurred. This is why it is critical to preserve the vehicle after a rollover crash. 

Once all this data is compiled, our lawyers use it in building a strong case that will be necessary for insurance company negotiations or in a civil court. 

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