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Sacramento Rear-End Accident Leads to Injuries

Sacramento Rear-End Accident Leads to Injuries

A rear-end accident in Sacramento on October 26 at about 7:06 in the evening sent one person to the hospital. It occurred on northbound Highway 99 slightly north of 12th Street. Debris was scattered across several lanes due to the crash. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), crews were on site and tasked with removing the debris. However, the 4th and 5th lanes were moving slowly as traffic was directed away from the rear-end accident. One individual suffered what was described as moderate injuries and transported to a local hospital. There is no word at the time of this report what caused the accident and whether drugs or alcohol were involved. 

Rear-End Accident – Common and Deadly

Approximately 1.7 million rear-end accidents occur every year in the United States. While many are fender benders, this type of common crash accounts for 1,700 deaths and 500,000 injuries. Since drivers are responsible for maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them, it is usually the from behind driver who is considered to be at fault. Let’s look at some of the reasons a rear-end accident occurs:

  • Distraction: When the driver’s attention is not focused on the road ahead but rather on talking, texting, or adjusting the radio, it is easy to miss the car in front slowing down. Because the driver is not meeting his or her obligation, they would be considered negligent and at fault for the crash.
  • Tailgating: This is a common and dangerous practice. By driving too close to the vehicle ahead, it makes it impossible for the driver to stop in time to avoid an accident. 
  • Inclement weather: Slippery road conditions are often responsible for a driver losing control, especially if they are speeding. When this happens, sliding into the car ahead is common. 
  • Intoxication: Drugs and alcohol impair a motorist’s ability to drive in a prudent manner and decreases their reaction time. The driver may not be able to judge the distance between their vehicle and the car ahead as well as be unable to apply the brakes promptly. 
  • Speeding: As with tailgating, this activity makes it impossible for the driver to stop in time when the car in front of them stops or slows down. 
  • Fatigue: A fatigued driver is not operating at his or her optimal abilities. Besides that, nodding off for even a few seconds can end in hitting the vehicle in front. 
  • Poor road conditions: From missing signage to potholes, poor road conditions can cause a rear-end collision. 

Injuries in a Rear-End Accident

The types of injuries commonly experienced in a rear-end accident are:

  • Cervical sprain: This type of injury is also referred to as whiplash. While this soft tissue injury usually heals within a month or two, some cases can cause symptoms for an extended period of time. 
  • Traumatic head injury: On occasion, especially when the rear driver is traveling at a high speed, damage to the brain can occur. This can range from a mild concussion to a subdural hematoma, which often requires surgery. 
  • Back injuries: If the impact is substantial, the driver in front can sustain a significant injury to their back, such as a herniated disk. 
  • Facial trauma: Facial injuries are common in a rear-end accident. These include cuts and bruises, fractures of the facial bones, and eye injuries.
  • Upper torso fractures: Depending on the way the driver’s body is thrust forward, they often suffer fractures to the arms, wrists, and ribs.
  • Internal injuries: Due to the impact of the upper body on the steering wheel or airbag, it is possible to bruise the lungs and heart. This can cause significant problems.

What an Attorney Can Do to Help

Our firm is experienced when it comes to rear-end collisions. As soon as we are on board, we send our investigative team to the collision site. There, we are able to use accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability, interview witnesses, and obtain video footage of the accident, especially if it happened at an intersection. Once the data used to prove negligence on the part of the at-fault driver is gathered, we turn it over to our lawyers to build a solid case against the defendant.

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