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Sacramento Pedestrian Accident Involves Hit-and-Run Driver

Bell Street Intersection Accident Involving Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Pedestrian

A pedestrian accident occurred in Sacramento on September 23 when the walker was struck by a motorist in an intersection, resulting in injuries. The accident was said by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to have occurred around 1:24 in the afternoon at the intersection of Bell Street and Carlsbad Avenue. According to the police report, the driver of a red Ram Bighorn pickup may have also struck a parked car. 

Authorities Searching for Hit-and-Run Driver

That driver left the scene of the accident without stopping to check on the injured pedestrian. The vehicle in question allegedly was equipped with an auto dealership license plate, which may make it easier for authorities to locate the pickup and the individual who was driving it. The CHP is investigating to determine how the collision occurred. No additional data was provided about the extent of injuries to the pedestrian.

The Dangers of Intersections

More than half of all traffic collisions occur at intersections. It is also where a pedestrian accident often occurs. Some of the reasons for a pedestrian accident when crossing a street include:

  • Poor visibility: Faulty engineering and poor maintenance at an intersection can cause a pedestrian accident. When signs and corners are obscured by overgrown foliage, it creates blind spots both for drivers and for those on foot. 
  • Speed and traffic flow: On busy corners, vehicles may have a higher speed limit set, which can affect their ability to stop at an intersection. In addition, an increased traffic flow makes maneuvering difficult and intersections congested. This makes it more difficult for pedestrians to cross, especially if they are elderly or disabled.
  • Mistimed crossing signals: The disabled, elderly and children need more time to safely cross a street, even using a crosswalk. When the timing is off, it can end up causing a serious pedestrian accident.
  • Bad lighting: It can be difficult for a pedestrian to safely cross the street when they can’t clearly see around them. Poor lighting also means those driving passenger vehicles can’t see well either, increasing the risk of a pedestrian accident.
  • High accident areas: People who commonly walk where they are going hear news reports about accidents at certain intersections that occur again and again. 
  • Driver negligence: A driver who runs a red light, is speeding, distracted, or commits other acts of negligence is responsible for the majority of accidents involving pedestrians. 

Recovering Compensation Following a Pedestrian Accident Injury

Pedestrian injuries caused by accidents are often devastating, resulting in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and other serious trauma. An injury lawyer can help them recover the compensation they deserve, which can cover their medical costs, lost wages and reimburse them for their pain and suffering.

Investigating an Accident

Our investigators go right to work after a pedestrian has been injured in an accident. Their job is to look for the evidence that supports a client’s claim for compensation. Among other areas of investigation:

  • They examine the police report for mistakes because errors can affect a claim for compensation.
  • They interview witnesses to the accident.
  • They look for signs of government negligence such as mistimed crossing signals, poor lighting and lack of maintenance.
  • When a driver is involved, they look for negligence such as speeding, drunk driving, and others,
  • Cameras are checked to see if the pedestrian accident was captured on tape.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed.

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