Sacramento Multiple-Vehicle Crash Injures Two

Bradshaw Road Accident Involves Three Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash in Sacramento on January 12 caused two injuries and required the extrication of at least one person. The collision happened along Bradshaw Road between Elder Creek and Florin roads around 6:00 a.m. Three vehicles were involved, all of which sustained major damage. 

Injuries Reported in Multiple-Vehicle Crash

One of the vehicles involved in the crash experienced a rollover and was found on its roof. After Sac Metro Fire crews extricated the trapped, it was determined that one had suffered moderate to minor injuries while another sustained major trauma. An investigation is underway to determine fault in the collision and how it occurred.

Multiple-Vehicle Crash Liability 

A multiple-vehicle collision increases the risk of injury to those inside since each vehicle can be struck multiple times. It is usually one or more drivers’ negligence that causes an accident of this type. It is necessary to investigate not only why the incident occurred but also what types of negligence were involved in order to determine liability. A multiple-vehicle collision is often caused by a variety of negligence types:

  • Perhaps the driver was tailgating, so he or she was unable to stop in time.
  • Driving while overtired can be as dangerous as operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resulting in a multiple-vehicle crash.
  • A motorist who is texting, talking on the phone or committing other distractions can cause a multiple-vehicle crash.
  • The accident might have been caused by a drunk driver who could not operate a vehicle safely.
  • It’s possible that one of the drivers was speeding, causing the collision.

Investigation Into a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

In order for a driver to receive compensation for injuries caused by an accident, negligence must be proved. To determine fault, an investigation is essential. In proving a client’s claim, our investigators have extensive experience collecting evidence. Investigated areas include:

  • The police file for the incident report is checked for errors. An injured person cannot file a claim if mistakes are found. Therefore, errors must be corrected.
  • In the event of a multiple-vehicle crash, our accident investigators rapidly arrive at the scene to photograph and gather evidence. It is possible to determine which vehicles struck each other and in what order by examining paint streaks on vehicles and metal pieces that were dropped on the scene.
  • A crash reconstruction demonstrates how the vehicles were positioned at the start of the collision as well as where they ended up after the crash.
  • A statement is taken from any witnesses to the accident by the investigators. In some cases, a witness filmed the accident on their smartphone, providing a clear view of how it unfolded.
  • Various traffic and security cameras are examined in the area. It is possible to subpoena video footage of the accident as evidence if it was captured on film.

In order to support and construct a strong case for our client’s claim for compensation, our injury lawyers use this information and evidence.

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